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Can having your own blog really help your SEO?

by  danielblinman on  August 1, 2012
Can blogs help SEO

The online marketing times have changed considerably over the last year or two. SEO has rapidly evolved from being a game of beating Google with underhand methods to being a game of working with Google using strictly white hat techniques. Nowadays, the only way to […]

How to perform keyword research

by  clairejarrett on  January 23, 2012
How to perform keyword research

Ever wondered where to start with getting selling on Google?  A good place is to identify if your target market searches for you online.  The only way to do that is to find keywords that they might use, and then find out if there is […]

Seven ways to increase traffic to your site right now!

by  clairejarrett on  June 2, 2011

“Getting targeted visitors is difficult” “I don’t have time to increase traffic to my website” “No-one is interested in my site – what can I do?” Just 3 of the comments we’ve heard from potential clients recently, and of course we were quick to contradict […]

Is your website suitable for SEO?

by  clairejarrett on  May 26, 2011

Does your site measure up? It’s unfortunate that sometimes we have to turn away SEO clients simply because their websites aren’t up to scratch. It’s hard to tell a client with money in his hand that the website he has paid out good money for […]

How do keywords fit into the buying process?

by  clairejarrett on  April 20, 2010

When carrying out a search, a searcher may use a variety of keywords that indicate how far along the buying process they have moved.

Using Dynamic Keyword Insertion in your AdWords advert headings

by  clairejarrett on  March 24, 2010

Dynamic Keyword Insertion can be very useful for long lists of related, similar keywords where it is too time consuming to create an ad group for each permutation. Instead, you can use Dynamic Keyword Insertion in the advert heading, and it will automatically prefill with […]

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