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Can’t afford TV advertising? Try Google’s Video Ads!

If you’re like to try video advertising for your Small Business but can’t afford TV advertising, you might be interested in Google’s new service –  Video Ads

This is a brand new service that will charge you on a Per View basis making it affordable for Small Businesses as you are targeting only interested viewers.

Creating the Campaign

You’ll need to create some videos first and then upload them to youtube.  You will then need to link together your Youtube account with your AdWords account and then create a new Video Campaign.

There are 4 different types of adverts:

  • TrueView in-stream ads – played during other videos
  • TrueView in-search ads – your ads will be at the top when people search for a video (my recommendation)
  • TrueView in-slate ads – played before long videos of more than 10 minutes
  • TrueView in-display ads – promoted against the rest of the Google network, so may appear on blogs, forums etc

Creating a New Google Video Campaign

Your adverts will contain the video, and you still get your standard advert Heading, 2 lines of description and Display URL – which as always should be written to maximise Click Through Rate and stand out. If you’d like more help on this, why not sign up for my free 7 day course, found on the right of this blog post.

You’ll need to select targeting groups carefully, trying to identify people who might be potential prospects for your business. This works in a similar way to Facebook, allowing you to specify gender, age group.  You can also then identify interest areas – for example netball, snooker etc.

Don’t forget to add Youtube as a placement to make sure your ads will show here!

An example of when you could use this successfully might be if you run Excel courses –  you could place your ads next to video search results for people seeking Excel tutorials or on tutorial websites where potential clients might see it.

I’m off to go and train my team in how to test adverts for our clients – why don’t you go and give it a go – the step by step guide is here, and come back and let us know how you get on?

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