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Last Updated on: 5th August 2022, 08:58 am

Everybody responds differently to marketing. Some people are more likely to take action if they experience a certain emotion. Some might be more likely to respond if they feel they are going to benefit in some way. Others might be more inclined to take action if they are worried that they might miss out on something.

It’s important to create all of these different feelings and emotions when we are writing email copy- simply because we will have a better chance of getting a wide variety of people to respond.

There are three core reasons that influence people into making a buying decision- fear, gain & logic. Our goal as marketers is to tap into all three of them, normally focusing on one per email.

We are going to be looking at ways to influence people when writing email copy, and will be specifically looking at fear, gain & login.


Certain people will be heavily driven by fear. These people are scared that they might miss out on something, scared that they might lose money, scared of the competition etc.

Capitalising on this is as simple as focusing on that fear and enhancing it in the reader’s mind.

Email headline examples- ‘This Is Your Last Chance’, ‘Get This Before Your Competition Does’ ‘This Mistake Will Cost You £26,000 a year’


Others are obsessed with things that are going to benefit them in some way. If you can offer them something that is going to enhance their lives or help them to achieve their goals, they will respond.

Email headline examples- ‘This Trick Doubled Conversions & Put £10,000 Into My Bank Overnight’, ‘Triple Sales & Enhance Customer Retention With These Copywriting Tips’

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Some people look at things logically. If you can present your product or service in a way that challenges their logical mind and forces them to take action.

Email headline examples- ‘I’m Amazed You Haven’t Taken This Offer’, ‘See The Proof, Live Examples & Insane Case Studies Here’

Remember- logical minds are heavily influenced by hard facts and statistics and undeniable proof.

The trick with utilising these 3 core reasons that people take action is to create a separate email for each one and focus on one specific reason in each email. This works well if you slot these 3 emails onto the end of your autoresponder, encouraging extras leads to buy.

Email Marketing Copy


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