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How To Use Your Blogs To Bring In Leads, Sales & Create Expert Authority

This blog is for YOU if you aren’t yet bringing in leads and sales on a consistent basis from your blogs, using them to create expert authority, build up an audience and then reuse them on a consistent basis.

So – is this you?

Are you – not committed to creating content yet so not yet blogging regularly OR

Creating blogs on a regular basis but not really doing much with them and wondering why the hell you’re creating them OR

Creating blogs and getting in SOME leads from them but wondering what else you could be doing with this content

If any of these is YOU then I’m talking to YOU today!

Write Regularly

It goes without saying that you’re going to need to commit to blogging pretty regularly – or having someone do so for you (in your voice – please don’t ask writers to create blogs for you without a LOT of input from you or else it will not connect with your audience as it won’t speak your truth!)

How regular is up to you. Daily, once a week, once a fortnight, whatever works for you is great just COMMIT to creating regular content and before long you’ll have an entire library of content you can reuse in your marketing.

Talk To An Earlier Version Of Yourself

Many of us – our avatar is an earlier version of ourselves, a  few years back.

When thinking about what to write about in your blogs – what would YOU have wanted to know back then? What problems have you overcome?

Answer this, speak your truth and your audience will love you!

Reuse The Content

What I mean by this – is that SOME of your blogs can be reused as a different form of content. Consider doing one or more the following:

  • Turn it into a PDF and make it downloadable at the end of the blog post
  • Turn the blog into a downloadable ebook (a tool such as Beacon, which is a WordPress Plugin allows you to do this in a few clicks)
  • Email the blog out
  • Reuse the blog as a LinkedIn pulse
  • Schedule past blogs into email sequences for people who recently joined your list
  • Create more content based on the content that people love – consider doing a livestream, video or webinar based on the most successful topics

Once you’ve created a library of say seven pieces of content, this is IDEAL, because it can now also be used in a marketing sequence. More about that later. However please note this does NOT mean that you can stop at this point – just as you grow and evolve as an entrepreneur – you’ll be helping your audience grow and uplevel with you by sharing your truth and your latest learnings.

Create Expert Authority

The best way to become a thought leader and create expert authority is by sharing your truth – frequently. How can you achieve this UNLESS you commit to regular content?

Make sure your content does NOT hold back, shares your deepest thoughts, shares your best “stuff” (yes – even the stuff people pay you for!) and your community will grow to LOVE you.

Include Calls To Action

At the end of pretty much EVERY piece of content, ask for the sale.

If you want to make more money, reach more people and build up your business FAST, you’re going to need to ask for the sale which means including a Call To Action at the end of everything you do.

If you are speaking your truth in every single piece of content, then your Call To Action will pretty much be an invite to explore that particular content deeper, or offering to solve the problem for them in some way.

Create A Marketing Sequence

Every single piece of content you create can be marketed in some way.

This might be as simple as sticking a link to your blog post on your Facebook page and hitting boost to reach your page fans – or it might be more complex. Let’s look at how to do that now:

  1. Turn a well received blog post into a downloadable ebook in PDF format
  2. Place it behind an opt-in using a tool such as Leadpages and linking it to your mailing software
  3. Make sure you include a Call To Action in the PDF AND the email that goes out delivering the piece of content
  4. Schedule in a few other emails – anywhere from 2 to 20 extra emails, entirely up to you. I like to reuse other blog posts I’ve created, link to automated webinars, other pieces of marketing I’ve created, testimonial videos, and also include links to any places you have “authority” in – for example if you’ve been published in magazines then use that. At the end of each email – as always – include a Call To Action of some form. You can always schedule in a couple of emails for now and add more as you go along
  5.  Advertise your new “lead magnet” on Facebook using Facebook Ads to cold traffic to build up your email list
  6. Also consider putting your new opt-in somewhere on your blog – one of mine is on my homepage and blog pages for example
  7. Make sure you’ve got Retargeting code on every single of your website so you can always show ads to people who visited a certain blog OR if they’ve already seen it and you want to exclude them from seeing your ads to that particular post.

Done correctly – this is the absolute KEY to business success.

Now it’s YOUR turn.

Commit to creating regular content TODAY but also getting it out there! Good luck!

Claire Jarrett

P.s. Want MY help implementing this? Book in a call with me today!


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4 Ways To Spice Up Your Company Blog

With every man and his dog jumping on the blogging bandwagon in an attempt to boost their SEO, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd.

Why should people read your company blog as opposed to the next business?

Let’s take a look at 5 different ways you can distinguish yourself from the competition and create a blog worth reading!

Use Interviews

Interviews are a great way to show your readers what you and your industry are really about. It also makes it more real and relatable, giving people insights that they wouldn’t get otherwise.

You should make an effort to reach out to industry experts in your field. It will give your content more credibility, you will get additional traffic through the expert, and help you build important relationships.


Stories sell. But not only that, stories get your readers engaged and coming back for more.

If you can master the art of storytelling and craft it in a way that is in sync with your company’s message, you will reap the rewards for time to come.

Make It Useful

This one is obvious. But it never fails to amaze me how often company blogs offer absolutely no benefit to their audience.

People don’t really care that one of your employees just had a birthday. They don’t care if your having an office party. Heck, they rarely care if you are even launching a new product. (Unless you have a raving fan audience)

People care about themselves, and what you can do for them. So make it useful for them.

Make It Easy To Digest

Make sure your posts are both easy to read and skimmable. Make use of bullet points, and use many paragraphs to make it easy for your audience to digest or skip certain parts of your post.

spice up your blog

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Google Penalises Another Guest Blogging Network

Last week I introduced you to the lucrative reverse guest blogging strategy, a way of exploding your blog by encouraging others to blog for you.

The concept is nothing new, but I felt that many of you would benefit from understanding how and why you should get people to blog for you, rather than you blog for them.

My main reason for introducing you to this strategy is because the biggest guest blogging network was recently penalised.

It’s clear that guest blogging as a link building tactic has finally come to an end as Matt Cutts blogged recently about the fall of guest blogging

…And if you still had any doubts in your mind about Google’s stance on guest blogging, they have taken action against yet another network- PostJoint.

So with two of the biggest guest blog networks down, SEOs that hadn’t changed tactics in preparation for this will be in trouble.

If you are guest blogging right now for the only purpose of acquiring links, you really need to stop.

Instead, use guest blogging as a means for getting new visitors to your site from the links itself, rather than targeting sites in order to place your keyword rich anchor text.

Blogging concept


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The Lucrative Reverse Guest Blogging Strategy

Lucrative Reverse Blogging Strategy

Right now, the CEOs at many SEO agencies are running around like headless chickens because the foundation for their entire business has just crumbled beneath them.

We wish they would just throw in the towel and file bankruptcy. But sadly, many of their innocent clients will be clueless to the entire thing and will continue to pay them, so their doors will remain open and client sites will continue to suffer.

So what’s going on?

Well, Guest blogging is dead.

That’s what the SEOs are saying anyway…

…Nothing has changed for the smart guys that were using guest blogging for traffic and exposure rather than links…

…Or the people utilising the blogging strategy that we will be discussing today.

Oh, did I also mention that the biggest guest blogging platform has been penalised?

Here’s the thing. Guest blogging became ridiculously spammy and overused just like any other scalable link building strategy, and it was only a matter of time until something like this happened.

So it’s time to start thinking outside of the box. We aren’t talking about building links or manipulating page-rank today….

We’re talking about reversing the entire strategy on its head.

People value sites that organise all of the very best content on a certain subject. In fact, sites that do this successfully go on to become the Huffington post’s, the search engine watch’s, and the Forbe’s…

And they don’t write any of their own content themselves; they source it from quality writers.

Think about that for a second.

Blogs like Forbe’s make an absolute killing from selling advertising because of their amazing content and none of that content is even written by them!

Can you see where I’m going with this?

Instead of writing guest posts for authority sites, why don’t you become an authority site by accepting guest posts from top writers?

So, I guess you want to find out how the game of sourcing writers is played, right?

Let’s get into that.

Finding Writers For The Reverse Guest Blogging Strategy

The first key thing we need to understand about this is that we want writers that are respected within your niche and have a large reach across social media.

These writers already have people following them on Twitter or Facebook who are interested in your topic or nice. So, when they tweet or share the post they write for you, those people will end up on your site.

The second key is to recognise that you have two things to exchange for the writer’s content. Either money or exposure…

…If you already have an authority site in a certain niche; writers will be willing to write for it for free, simply because they will benefit from the exposure and it will further their careers.

…If you are just starting out you may need to pay the writer in order for them to want to write for you.

So now that we get that, here are some places to find writers:

1)      Search for your niche name + blogger or blog.

2)      Create a write for us page on your website.

3)      Target the writers that have written for your competition.

4)      Use twitter.


Make sure you do some thorough research into the writers and the going price for a blog, and it is essential that you encourage the writers to share the post across social media.

Utilising the reverse guest blogging strategy effectively and you will become the next big authority in your niche.

Lucrative Reverse Blogging Strategy


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3 Powerful Ways to Promote Your Blog

3 Powerful Ways to Promote Your Blog

It doesn’t matter how good the content is on your blog. If you don’t promote it, nobody is going to find it. It is really important to actively seek exposure for your blog, especially during the early days.

We are going to be looking at 3 different tactics that you can use to acquire the links and brand exposure needed to take your blog to the next level. These strategies don’t even need to necessarily be done by you, as they can easily be outsourced.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging has exploded in recent times, mostly due to the tactic’s ability to acquire powerful links, and greatly increase search rankings. I recently delved deeply into the strategy, analysing the effect of Google’s upcoming penguin update.

Whilst low-level guest blogging is likely going to be less effective in the future, focusing your efforts on high authority blogs relevant to your niche will remain a great way to gain exposure, traffic and links.

This tactic can be used to quickly gain recognition from your target audience, although it is entirely dependent on the quality of the post, and the quality of the blog you guest post for.

Aim to land a guest blog on the most widely recognised blogs within your niche, and your time and effort will be rewarded with an onslaught of targeted traffic.

Social Promotion

Social media fits nicely into an ongoing blogging strategy. Your ability to drive traffic through various social sites will increase each day, the longer you keep up the momentum. ID-100124474

To get started, ensure that your blog, and each of your blog’s posts has share buttons that are easily recognisable. People are becoming more and more accustomed to using these buttons to quickly share content with their friends or followers.

Once your sharing buttons are clearly in view, start developing your presences across Google+, twitter and Facebook, possibly creating a Facebook fan page. You may find yourself feeling overwhelmed, so you can choose one of the three and stick to it if you wish.

Make sure you make use of sharing communities like Reddit and Stumble upon too. They can be a great way of finding new exposure opportunities, and it doesn’t take very long to post your content onto these sites.

Take Part in The Active Communities Within Your Niche

There are probably a ton of forums and ongoing discussions going on in your niche right now. Seeking them and joining in with the discussion can be a great way to establish yourself as a thought leader, gain recognition, and send traffic through to your blog.

Most of these communities will let you have a signature, which will allow you to link through to your blog. Offer tangible advice and solve people’s problems, and you will start to gain more exposure for your blog.

You could also try commenting on other blog’s within your niche, offering help and assistance where it is needed.

With this strategy, it is important to offer exceptional advice and engaging comments. That way, you establish yourself as the person in the know, and they will be more likely to visit your blog as a result.

The key to success with guest blogging, social promotion and community involvement is consistency. You will not start to see results immediately. But over time, everything will start coming together and your blog will grow in strength.

Can you think of different ways to engage your target audience, and promote your blog? I’d love to discuss them in the comments below.

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3 Reasons Why Your Blog’s Traffic Sucks

You spent hours writing a blog post. You press publish. You eagerly wait for the world to notice you.

Here we go; your rise to blogging fame is on its way!

But wait.

No comments, no Facebook likes, not even a tweet.

Your post went completely unnoticed and you join the ever-growing list of bloggers that never went anywhere.

You know, you might just be a bad writer?

But you don’t want to hear that. You want to hear the solution to solve your problem. You want to hear the secret ingredient that will make you into a prolific blogger.

Well, you can take some comfort in knowing that there are plenty of good writers that fail too.

The quality of your content will determine your success; there is no doubt about that.

But without the right strategy in place, it doesn’t really matter how good you are at writing, you will still fail.

The fact is, the blogging world is ridiculously overcrowded, and with more and more bloggers starting up every day, it’s only going to get worse.

It might not be your content that is the issue. It might be the following:

You Don’t Have the Right Connections

If the right people don’t know and trust you, but more importantly, if they don’t trust your content, your blog will never become popular.

Get the industry experts within your niche to promote your content for you. Imagine the impact of somebody with 100,000 followers relevant to your industry.

That amount of targeted traffic will get you recognised, it will make your blog popular, it will bring your blog powerful social signals, and it will bring you success.

Create, develop and cherish your relationships with your fellow bloggers. They will determine your success.

You Aren’t Guest Posting Smartly

If your blog isn’t popular, utilise a blog that is.

This actually ties in nicely with developing the right connections. By producing an exceptional guest post for somebody’s blog, they will remember you.

They won’t forget the traffic that you brought them, and they will then trust you enough to help promote your own content.

It’s worth mentioning that I’m not talking about low quality guest posting here.

I’m talking about an exceptional post on an established, popular blog. It will bring you links to fuel your SEO; it will bring you exposure for your personal brand, it will bring you traffic.

Capture the audience from a popular blog, and through intelligent remarkable content, direct it to your own.

You Aren’t Writing Killer Headlines

Your post’s headline will be the first thing that people see. On Twitter, it’s pretty much the only thing people will see.

The difference between a viral post and an average post is often directly influenced by your headline.

With more and more people sharing content based on a headline, and not based on the actual content itself, writing a killer headline is ridiculously important.

Write killer headlines for your posts, get killer traffic.

So there we are, three reasons why your blog traffic sucks. Can you think of anymore?

I’d love to discuss them in the comments below!

Daniel Blinman works alongside Claire in her internet marketing consultancy- Mesmerised. Mesmerised offers businesses an alternative to working with an agency, offering transparent pay as you go SEO, pay per click, blogging and social media services.

Head over to the Mesmerised blog to hear more from him. You can also find him on Google+ or Twitter (@danblinman).

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