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If you’re ready to attract the perfect high-value prospects using Google Ads, I’m a Google Ads Expert who would love to help!

I offer Google Ads Consulting and Google Ads Coaching to CEOs & their teams. 

My methodology is ideal for those business owners with the mindset and budget to establish themselves as the market leader in Google fast.

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Fed up with Sub-Standard
Google Ads performance?

If your Google Ads campaigns aren’t performing – this can be down to a number of reasons.

Here are just a few of the mistakes I see in the Google Ads accounts I audit:

Poor choice of keywords

Are the keywords you’re bidding upon “buying keywords”? Or is it possible that you’re wasting your budget on keywords that are unlikely to convert into buyers? This “key” mistake is made by nearly every account I audit.

Failure to track the leads correctly via Conversion tracking

Every action a prospect can take on your website should be tracked. Phone calls, web form submissions, appointment bookings, and many more. They all need to be tracked.

Low Quality Score

This metric between 1 and 10 is awarded by Google to every single keyword. A lower score means you will pay more for every single click, and if your score is too low your ads will fail to appear in the top of the Search results.

Failing to add negative keywords

Are your ads showing for terms you don’t want to appear for? On an ideal basis – your list should contain at least 500 negative keywords with more being added on a weekly basis. The proper use of negative keywords will increase Click Through Rate and quality score – meaning you’ll pay less for every lead.

Failure to retarget traffic correctly

Did you know that it’s possible to retarget your Google Ads traffic across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube, all for just a couple of pounds or dollars per day? Every business needs a well-implemented retargeting campaign across all networks – even if you’re only paying for traffic on Google.

Allowing Google to run the show

Google’s automation is taking over, and you may not even realise it. Google even creates ads for you if you haven’t turned off this feature (sounds crazy? I see this each week, even in accounts being managed by agencies!) Or perhaps you or your team have been applying Google’s recommendations as you’ve presumed they would have your best interests at heart? Sadly I’ve seen many instances where Google suggests poor recommendations that do nothing but waste a client’s budget.

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Perhaps you’d like my team and I to manage your account? This service is available alongside my Google Ads consulting services to ensure we truly understand your objectives and create a winning strategy. I’m also available as a Fractional CMO to completely manage other elements of your marketing strategy.


I’ve been coaching Google Ads since Nov 2007. I developed the world’s first face-to-face Google AdWords training courses plus released DVD training in 2008.  Since then I’ve trained over 38,500 people how to use Google Ads effectively (via webinars, courses, etc). 

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