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How to stop competitors clicking your AdWords adverts

by  clairejarrett on  April 16, 2014
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I am often asked this question: How can I stop my competitors from clicking my AdWords adverts and using up my budget? This IS possible. And here’s how to do it. Install a tracking software, such as Clicky. Monitor the visitors over the period of […]

How to Crush Your Competitors In Any Market

You are in a constant battle with your competitors. You are fighting over the prospects that are interested in you and your competitor’s products or services. The better job you do of encouraging those prospects to spend that first dollar with you rather than the […]

Automating your Google AdWords adverts: possible and advisable?

by  clairejarrett on  August 5, 2010
Automating your Google AdWords adverts: possible and advisable?

You will all have seen them – ecommerce websites that have the most dreadful looking AdWords adverts.

Bidding on competitors brand terms in Google AdWords

by  clairejarrett on  May 5, 2010

I’m often asked if it is possible to bid on competitor names or trademarks.
It certainly is possible here in the UK! I run many campaigns for clients where their cheapest conversions come from those who were actually seeking a competitor.

Is anyone bidding on your brand name?

by  clairejarrett on  April 22, 2010

You MUST be bidding on your brand name in AdWords. Have you checked recently if your competitors are bidding on your name, your brand name, or any of your branded products?

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