69% of advertisers have decreased or paused their ad spend – at a time when more of the population is present on online platforms and have more to spend than ever before!

Your potential customers are preparing to spend right now with the businesses they find when searching online.

So, whether you’ve paused your Google Ads or are thinking about launching a brand new campaign – now is the time to go after market share.

Follow these steps to help you gain Market Share fast:

    1. Use a keyword tool to research your competitors, and identify which keywords have been bringing them in the most leads over the last 12 months.
    2. Once you’ve identified the best keywords to target – right now is the best time to go after the more competitive keywords you’d normally stay away from. Ad costs are down and you’ll be able to get the top spots for less.
    3. Ensure you’ve added your retargeting pixels and can follow your prospects across multiple networks – Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter.
      Get your pixels down today and you’ll start building up highly targeted audiences you can follow for the next few months for less than $10 per day.
    4. Increase your bids. Your prospects have more money to spend, less distractions, and are more likely to make fast buying decisions than ever before.
    5. Focus on your landing pages to get conversions up and make the most from your ad spend. To increase Quality Score and get ad costs down, ensure the keywords you’re targeting appear within the landing page.
      Also – take the time to identify competitors’ landing pages that have been working for them over the past 12 months, and use this to identify ways you can model their success
    6. Consider expanding your geographical area – if your ads have been running in a 50-mile radius of your offices, now’s the time to consider expanding it further and adding in new areas.
      But please – don’t make the mistake of just expanding the area in the Google settings screen. People prefer to buy from companies local to them, so target each town or area separately, with a landing page just for that area and a local phone number.
    7. Consider expanding your Google account in other ways – can you add in the Search Network for example? Will some of your Google search campaigns perform well on the Display network or YouTube? Google has a ton of ad inventory that is not being used, that is super cheap right now.

If you’d like help increasing your market share and dominating the Google Ads auction, I’d love to help.

Simply fill in the form here and an appointment time will be emailed to you. Please note that these techniques work best with businesses that are ready to invest at least $1200/£1000 per month in Google Ads.

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