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How to compete successfully on Google Ads

Last Updated on: 22nd January 2024, 05:56 pm

Do you see the same top competitors in the top spots of Google every single day?

Are you trying, and failing to get into those top spots?

Are you wondering how they manage to get into the top spots, but most importantly – manage to stay there?

In today’s blog, we’re going to reverse engineer their strategy, and look at how you can use what you’ve learned to compete successfully against them.

What does it take to get into the top 4 spots in Google?

Let’s start by looking at what it takes to get into the top spots.

Google rewards relevancy. It became the top search engine in the world by focusing on delivering exactly what the visitor is searching for.

So your job is to ensure that your ads match as closely as possible with what the visitor wants. For example, if the visitor wants to hear about enterprise accounting, you – as an accounting firm – need to speak about that specific need in your ad (and on your landing page). 

If you achieve this, Google will reward you with a high score in a metric known as Quality Score.

Quality Score is the biggest determining factor that affects both whether you appear in the top spots AND how much you pay for every single click. Get it wrong and attain a low score, and you’ll end up paying 3 or 4 times as much per click as your competitor.

Therefore, it is essential that you create a very close match between 3 elements; the keyword phrase your visitor uses, the ad that they see, and the landing page they are sent to.

If you’re failing at any aspect of these 3, you may struggle to get into the top 5. 

Perhaps you’ve carried out competitor research on your market and have identified that one of your competitors is not focusing on all these correctly, yet they are still in the top spot? This is GREAT news, as it means there is an opportunity for you to come in and take over! If you’re wondering how they got there, it’s likely that they are bidding a lot higher than they need to (meaning you’ll pay less per click once you jump in with your new ads).

How can we use Relevancy to leapfrog the competition?

As I’ve stated above, we can use relevancy to overtake the competition overnight.

To begin with, we will use competitor research tools to download the top keywords our competitors are bidding upon.

We will then use these to create well-optimised campaigns with matching Ads that bring in high Click-Through Rates (CTR).

The higher your CTR, the higher your Quality Score will be, and the less you will pay for every single click. So we MUST focus on ensuring we have ads that are great matches for the keywords we have selected.

Finally, it’s time to focus on the landing pages. These must match what the visitor is searching for so they do not “bounce” back from the page. If a visitor remains on our page, Google is aware of this and knows they have found a great match for their query. 

A key mistake I see Small Businesses make is sending all the traffic to the homepage, or a single landing page. Hopefully, you’re beginning to see by now that having a variety of different landing pages for different queries will result in lower bounce rates and higher Quality Score. 

Sounds Great Claire, Can You Help Us Do This?

Yes! As a Google Partner, I help business owners and their teams launch and manage profitable Google Ads campaigns every single day, and I’ve been doing it since 2008. 

If you’d like my personal help, let’s talk. Simply book in a call today.

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