How To Identify & Counter CPC Rises in AdWords

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How To Identify & Counter CPC Rises in AdWords

Last Updated on: 5th August 2022, 09:01 am

Over time, you are almost always going to find that the CPC on your keywords is going to go up, not down….

Bids get increased to keep up with the competition, the competitors increase theirs to overtake you, and new competitors enter the market…

A rise to your CPC is pretty much inevitable, right?

But instead of accepting the rise in costs, take a step back and make some a change to the way that you approach CPC rises, with these concepts:

Focus On Quality Score- Take it back to the basics and focus on increasing your quality score. This might mean putting certain keywords on pause, and spending time on ad improvements. Either way, make sure you maintain a high quality score throughout the account.

Search Through Your Search Query Reports- You may find that your most expensive keywords are actually being clicked on for irrelevant searches, and you need to counter them with negative keywords. You might also find certain keywords that are relevant, but are just costing too much to remain profitable in the account.

Go After The Long Tail- Take the time to do some thorough keyword research to uncover keywords that have less competition, and cheaper CPCs as a result. You might be able to get the jump on the competition and find some low-hanging fruits amongst the long tail.

Is Your Ad Position Really Helping You?- Often, you find that less experienced AdWords users are too focused on achieving a high ad position. Don’t fall into the same trap. It might actually be profitable for a certain keyword to remain in position 3, and unprofitable if it rises to position 1. Make sure you analyse your account to find the ad position that provides you with maximum conversions at the cheapest CPC.

New Traffic Sources- There will be scenarios where it is simply impossible for you to get CPCs down. More and more people are jumping onto AdWords every day. Instead, explore other sources of traffic like social, display or organic.

How To Identify & Counter CPC Rises in AdWords


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