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As Google Ads introduces new ad formats, types, and sub-types, it’s easy to get lost and wonder if you’re using the correct dimensions after all. Fortunately, my team and I have to be up-to-date on the changes, so today, I’m sharing the ultimate Google Ads specs cheat sheet for 2023.

(I’ll keep this list updated as time passes, so bookmark it for your upcoming campaigns.)

Without further ado, let’s dive into it!

1. Display Ad Specs for 2023 Google Ads

In Display campaigns, Google Ads supports files that come in GIF, JPG, or PNG formats. 

Google Display Ads Sizes for Square and Rectangle Images

  • 200 × 200 – Small square
  • 240 × 400 – Vertical rectangle
  • 250 × 250 – Square
  • 250 × 360 – Triple widescreen
  • 300 × 250 – Inline rectangle
  • 336 × 280 – Large rectangle
  • 580 × 400 – Netboard

(This applies to both animated and non-animated ones!)

Google Ads Sizes for Skyscraper Images

If you want to snag one of those tall display ads, you’ll need the Skyscraper image sizes:

  • 120 × 600 – Skyscraper
  • 160 × 600 – Wide skyscraper
  • 300 × 600 – Half-page ad
  • 300 × 1050 – Portrait

Personally, I love using these as part of my remarketing campaigns for Google Ads clients. When done right, they’re unobtrusive but attention-grabbing all the same!

These three are beautiful! Source: Instapage

Responsive Display Ad Specs

  • 330 × 200
  • 300 × 50
  • 300 × 100
  • 250 × 250
  • 200 × 200

Remember that Google Ads may reformat your images to fit these sizes on publishers’ websites, so test it ahead of time to ensure everything looks exactly how you wanted it to!

Google Leaderboard Ads Specs

  • 468 × 60 – Banner
  • 728 × 90 – Leaderboard
  • 930 × 180 – Top banner
  • 970 × 90 – Large leaderboard
  • 970 × 250 – Billboard
  • 980 × 120 – Panorama

Super wide and usually placed on top or bottom of the page, leaderboard ads are a good choice to remind someone of a fantastic offer they’re leaving behind on your site. 

Again, I love them for retargeting, but if you have a bold offer, you can also use them as your first touchpoint with a prospect.

What Are the Specs for Mobile Google Ads Images?

  • 300 × 50 – Mobile banner
  • 320 × 50 – Mobile banner
  • 320 × 100 – Large mobile banner

What About Gifs and Google Ads?

Remember when I mentioned that Google Ads supports gifs? Since they’re animated files, you don’t only have to think about the size that adheres to your campaign and image type – you also have to think about animation.

  • Animation length and speed: 30 seconds or less
  • You can use looped gifs, but they have to stop after 30 seconds
  • Your gifs need to be slower than 5 FPS

2. YouTube Video Ad Creative Specs

If you’re taking a plunge into video advertising and Google Ads for YouTube, you’ll need to remember the following specs.

Aspect Ratio for YouTube Ads

  • Landscape videos – 16:9 or 4:3.
  • Portrait videos – 9:16 or 3:4 aspect ratio.

However, remember that you can also upload your video ads through the Display & Video 360 platform. In that case, you’ll be able to add companion videos and assets (e.g., HTML5 assets), which have their own rules, such as needing to be bigger or smaller than the main creative and the other companion(s).

If you’re unsure if your companion assets or the main assets match the inventory on the sites you’re targeting, consult a Google Ads professional or run the Inventory Availability report.

How Long Can YouTube Ads Be?

The length of your YouTube ad depends on the type of campaign you’re running (e.g., in-feed ads vs. outstream):

  • YouTube Skippable In-Stream Ads – No specified maximum length, but keep it under 3 minutes.
  • In-Feed Ads – No maximum length, but tone it down with max 3 minutes.
  • Non-Skippable In-Stream Ads for YouTube – 15-20 seconds.
  • Bumper Ads – 6 seconds.
  • Outstream Ads – No maximum length, but aim for no more than 3 minutes.

Google offers a plethora of YouTube ad formats!

3. Specs for App Campaigns in Google Ads

If you plan to promote your app, keep an eye on your visuals. Google has specs for your images, too:

  • 320 × 50
  • 320 × 480
  • 480 × 320
  • 300 × 250
  • 1200 × 628

Similarly, you can upload up to 20 videos, although they’re optional. 

4. Best Practices for Creating Your Google Ads Creatives

I always advocate creativity in my PPC firm, but it’s good to be mindful of things that generally work well across Google Ads accounts:

  • Use bold colours and contrast.
  • Incorporate unexpected elements. For example, use an unusual prop, an unconventional composition, or a unique visual metaphor.
  • Leverage humour or tell a story to connect with the audience. Appeal to their sense of intrigue with curiosity gaps
  • Use a sense of urgency to motivate your (retargeted) leads to purchase!
  • Try UGC (user-generated content). Include testimonials, real-life photos of your customers with their products, tweets, and so on. (Just make sure you obtain their written permission first!)
  • 1 audience segment = 1 ad. Don’t create a “catch-all creative” no one will relate to. Test your creatives on different audiences and create defined ad groups to keep them separate and maximise each ad’s Quality Score
  • Try interactive HTML5 ads. If you’ve ever seen ads for video games on your phone, you probably remember the ones you could click on. The good news is that you can use this interactivity even in B2B marketing! HTML5 ads and companion assets allow your leads to fill out forms, click on buttons, answer questions, and more! I sincerely recommend contacting a Google Ads expert who can help you set them up. 

A great example of Amazon’s HTML5 ads! / Source: Airtory

Are You Ready to Launch Your Next Google Ads Campaign?

Now you know precisely what it takes to stop seeing the pesky notification about a mismatch between your assets and Google’s standards! Now, all there’s left to do is create the perfect asset that resonates with your audience.

And if you need help, my team and I are here for you! Or, to DIY your campaign and succeed like a pro, get your copy of my best-selling Google Ads book

I can’t wait to see your next creative!

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