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Last Updated on: 28th April 2024, 11:53 am

Your roofing solutions are fast, and your craftsmanship is impeccable. But when it comes to generating high-quality leads who won’t contest your proposals, there’s room for improvement. Fortunately, Google Ads can help!

In this article, I’ll guide you through the most profitable strategies I’ve used for my clients in the roofing industry in the past 15+ years. You’ll learn all the tricks to get phenomenal results from Google AdWords faster!

Tactic 1. Identifying Profitable Local and Detailed Keywords for Roofing Google Ads

Firstly, remove generic keywords like “roofing” and “roofing services” if you have them in your account. They’re too broad to deliver people ready to contact you immediately.

Then, use a keyword research tool (SpyFu is a favourite of mine) to find specific keywords related to roofing services, such as:

  • Roof repair
  • Roof inspection
  • Residential roofing
  • Roof installation
  • Flat roofing
  • Gutter cleaning

And anything else that fits your scope of services! 

The goal is to target your main service areas with dedicated ad groups and landing pages, so your text can resonate with the searcher and show them that you’re the best option for the specific work they need to get done.

google ads for roofers example

For example, you can highlight your 24/7 work hours if you offer emergency services. 

Local Keywords for Roofer Google Ads

Once you have a list of specific keywords, add your area to them and check the demand. For example, “gutter cleaning Hillfields Bristol.” 

Similarly, make sure your Google Ads targeting is set to the area you cover. You don’t want to waste ad spend on appearing in locations you won’t service. This is where Google Local Services Ads can be really practical.

What Keywords Are Your Best Clients Using?

If you’ve run Google Ads in the past, look at your performance. Which keywords have brought in the most profitable prospects?

Even if you’re new to Google Ads for roofers, look at the services you’ve provided so far. Where have you had the most lucrative projects? For example, was it residential or commercial roofing? Similarly, which projects resulted in the most pushback?

Incorporate that knowledge into your Google AdWords keyword strategy!

A Note on Negative Keywords

As you plan your campaign, consider the keywords people might search for when they don’t need your services. 

For example, someone might google “flat roofs in London” to get a list of examples for their architectural studies – not to hire an installer.

Then, add all those keywords that won’t generate profits to your negative keywords list. You’ll get more mileage out of your Google Ads budget!

Tactic 2. Use Location and Ad Extensions in Your Google Ads for Roofers

Google Ads provides various ad extensions you can use as a roofer, namely:

  • Sitelink extensions to specific pages – e.g., your portfolio or testimonials pages.
  • Callout extensions to highlight special offers – e.g., 24-hour availability or free estimates.
  • Call extensions, so prospects can click through to call you.
  • Pricing extensions to showcase your fixed-price services (if you offer them) – e.g., gutter cleaning from £199
  • Lead form extensions to offer free quotes or the option to schedule consultations right in the SERP

These will appear as additional visual cues under your ad and give you more room in the search engine results to capture your lead’s attention, unlike a standard text ad. 

The ad I’m about to show you also uses the sitelink extension to clarify that, amongst other services, they also offer flat roofing. 

While I’d prefer a separate ad and landing page for this service, it’s a good approach when you don’t work with a Google Ads specialist.

google ads for roofers example

The Best Location Extensions in Google Ads for Roofers

Similarly, as a local service business, you can also use location extensions such as the following:

  • Location extensions, especially if you cover multiple areas.
  • Business information to showcase your work hours, location, and more.
  • Directions to your premises.

Location extensions also include the call button, so you can pick which extension you want to use. 

Tactic 3. Speak Your Audience’s Language (and You’ll Be One Step Ahead)

As a Google Ads expert with thousands of campaigns, I can tell you that casting a broad net won’t get you far. But tailoring your landing page and ad copy to the specific service and the specific prospect will generate more conversions than you’ve thought possible!

Have you offered a free estimate for a specific service in your ad copy?

google ads for roofers example

… then make sure your landing page clearly directs the searcher to the free estimate!

google ads for roofers landing page example

This landing page isn’t flashy, but it does what it has to: it convinces the searcher why they should choose this specific company (years of experience and local owners) and provides a way to start the sales process (get a free estimate).

Everything is as clear as possible!

Tap into Your Audience’s Pains and Challenges

When writing your ad and landing page copy, think about what currently troubles your audience. 

Yes, having a roof leak is painful in itself, but what makes them worried? Perhaps they’re not sure how high the price will be. Maybe they don’t know what the process looks like.

For example, the ad below is a fantastic example of starting with the audience’s pain point – the pricing:

google ads for roofers example

Differentiation Is Everything in Google Ads for Roofers

Finally, know what sets you apart. Is it your experience? Is it the technology you use, like in the example below?

google ads for roofers example higlighting the unique value proposition

Look at what your competitors are currently doing and highlighting. What’s missing? Perhaps they’re all mincing words about their services – you can be more verbose. Similarly, if they offer free estimates, you should too – and maybe even offer free follow-ups.

When I first started advertising my businesses, I’d always look at my competitors’ offers. Then, I’d “spice” things up by offering everything they did – and then some. In my case, other Google Ads training providers offered DVDs. I’d offer DVDs and free 1-on-1 sessions. 

Find areas to delight your future customers in, and highlight them in your ad. 

Tactic 4. Make the Most of Your Budget for Roofing Google AdWords

I’ve covered Google Ads budgeting extensively in the past, but just know that you don’t have to waste money on ineffective keywords. As you launch your campaigns and the data starts coming in, take a look at the conversions:

  • Which keywords generate the best leads? 
  • Which ones just waste your time (and money)?

Then, optimise your bids to place more money on the profitable keywords and reduce the bids for the poor-quality ones (or exclude them altogether).

Google Ads: The Foundation to Your Roofing Success

The house may need a roof, but it needs a foundation first. When it comes to marketing your roofing business, Google Ads is the cornerstone. 

Start by understanding what your prospects are searching for, and then create dedicated ads and landing pages to capture their needs, wishes, and pains.

Presenting your business as the perfect solution will come naturally!

In my best-selling book, I expand on the details of setting up a profitable Google Ads campaign in 7 steps, so make sure you get your copy! Or, if you need personalised advice, contact me for a consultation.

Ready? Let’s launch your campaign!

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