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Adwords can be pretty complicated at the best of times. You have different metrics like quality score and click through rate to track. You have to make sure that you watch your account closely for any keywords that are draining your cash…

It’s tough right? And easy to make mistakes…

…Which is why today we are going to be taking a look at some of the most common mistakes that people make in their Adwords accounts.

Let’s get started!

Too Many Keywords In Each Ad Group

There is a metric called quality score in Adwords. Quality score is a score out of ten and it is given to each and every individual keyword.

The higher your quality score, the less you pay for clicks. The lower your quality score, the more you pay for clicks.

In order to get a high quality score, you need to maintain a high click through rate on your ads.

To get a high click through rate, your ad copy needs to match what the user searched for.

If you have too many keywords in each ad group, which is a mistake that most people make, it is near impossible to match the ad copy to what they searched.

So trim down the number of keywords that you put in each ad group to make the ad copy more relevant.


Setting It And Forgetting It

You need to remember that things in your AdWords account need to be tracked, and things need to be changed.

The worst thing you can do is set up some keywords to run and then not watch how they perform.

You need to closely watch the account, keywords may need to be paused, bids need to be adjusted, negative keywords need to be added and more.


Problems With Tracking Code

Google make it sound really easy to install tracking code properly, but it’s actually pretty technical. If you get it slightly wrong, your data is going to be completely skewed.

It is essential that you follow the instructions closely when setting up the tracking code. And if you are handling the AdWords for someone else and need them to install it, make sure you give clear instructions for getting it done.


No Conversion Tracking

Even worse than installing conversion tracking the wrong way is not even trying to get it there in the first place!

Without conversion tracking, you are optimising completely in the dark, and you will never get optimal results that way.

This is normally seen in AdWords accounts owned by old school business owners- they are too accustomed to traditional forms of advertising and don’t understand the power of tracking results.

Always use conversion tracking. You will make less money if you don’t.

Mistakes With AdWords


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