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Last Updated on: 5th August 2022, 09:05 am

Whether you are a consultant that manages accounts for clients, or you are handling the PPC for your own businesses, you need to set the right goals from the beginning.

The first step is to make sure you ask the right question at the start- What are you trying to achieve? When you ask this question you are really trying to get to the bottom of the most important goal behind it all.

It is important to refine it down to the number one goal because you will often have conflicting goals that do nothing for you. So once you have a list of things that you or the client is trying to achieve, go through the list and work out which one is the most important.

Often, people will want to grow revenue and care very little about brand awareness. In this instance, a good strategy is to focus on keywords that are high volume, and ensure that you are consistently trying out new opportunities and quickly dropping them out if they don’t provide a return quick enough.

The second step is to work out how much room you have to manoeuvre, if you or your client wants to grow revenue by 20% but don’t have the correct budget to handle it, you are going to encounter issues further down the road.

Make sure you provide estimates for how much needs to go in, in order to meet the goals set at the beginning.

Thirdly, you need to decide if you are going to use analytics or AdWords to analyse the data, and make sure you have taken into account any seasonal jumps that might skew data.

During the Christmas period, the sales of toys naturally go up and that 60% increase to sales might not have anything to do with AdWords. Make sure things like this are accounted for at the beginning.

You also need to set a timeframe for how long the goal needs to be achieved by. If you have 12 months, your approach to AdWords will be entirely different to a timeframe of 3 months.

Finally, make sure that you review the goals every single week. If you are not constantly checking to see how far you have come, you will become unfocused and the goal will be less likely achieved.

Setting PPC Goals


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