Facebook ads have been the hottest online marketing tool since they first became available, and very little has changed.

Facebook offers crazy targeting options with the insane amount of data that they have on its users.

But click costs are starting to rise, and whilst they are nowhere near as high as the clicks from AdWords, it is becoming harder to turn a profit as time goes on.

Lets take a look at some of the biggest mistakes that advertisers are making on Facebook, so that you can avoid them when you use their ads yourself.

Mistake 1- you are targeting the wrong people

Finding the right type of audience to promote your business to is probably the most important part of becoming successful with Facebook ads.

You want to get as specific as you possibly can when targeting, and use data from your business to help you…

…If 90% of your customers are men, advertise to men.

…If the majority of your customers are age 30-40, focus on targeting them to begin with.

Be very strategic about who you are targeting because it will make all of the difference.

Mistake 2- you aren’t tracking properly

If you aren’t tracking, you are aiming in the dark. And when you consider that tracking with Facebook is actually pretty easy, you have no excuse to not do it properly.

If you didn’t, you might see the ad with the real high click through rate and think that it was doing well.

What you didn’t see was that the very same ad was bringing in 0 sign ups for your webinar.

Without proper conversion tracking, you would have never known.

Mistake 3- you are using the boost post button

This one is really simple to avoid. Don’t use the boost post button. Just don’t.

People get addicted to boosting their posts because of all the extra likes they get on their posts.

But here’s the thing, what is that actually achieving?

Are you actually getting more people to you website?

Whilst Facebook likes are great for boosting our deflated egos, they do nothing for us when we want to make real money.

Mistake 4- you are promoting the wrong thing

As hard as you try, you are probably going to struggle to sell your £1,000 product to cold traffic straight off the back of your Facebook ads.

Instead, promote a webinar to gain trust or focus on gathering leads with a lead bait.

If you try and promote the wrong thing with your Facebook ads, you are not going to get very far, so be prepared to cut your product out quickly if it doesn’t sell, and focus on offering value first.

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