3 Reasons To Use Advanced Location Targeting on Facebook

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facebook location targeting

If you do any advertising on Facebook, you will know that it is all about getting the right ads in front of the right people.

Aligning the message behind the advert with the targeting you have selected is the make or break factor that determines your success.

You can set up your targeting to only show adverts to a specific set of addresses, and we are going to be taking a look at 3 reasons to use advanced location targeting in this article.


Differentiate Yourself from the Crowd

It is likely that you are not the only business within the area, and standing out from the rest is essential to your success.

Many brick and mortar businesses have been very slow to take up on the massive opportunity available to them through social media, and you can capitalise on this. (Obviously this depends on your marketplace; some are more active than others)

Either way, focus on better service or prices and use advanced location targeting to help you achieve this.


Bring Customers Directly To You

This one would only work with a brick and mortar business where clients or customers have to actually come to you.

You can use extended location targeting and quickly send a message to people that will let them know that your business is nearby.

You can even make it timely to increase the results that you get. For example, on a rainy day you can encourage people to come into your store to purchase an umbrella. Whilst they are in there they may end up making other purchases to add further profit to your business.


Use in Conjunction With a Sale

If you are committing to a sale during a certain time period, it makes sense to get the word out there. But with that said, you only want people close to your location to know about the sale.

You can send a targeted message and only people nearby will see it and know about the sale. That way, you aren’t wasting any of your marketing budget on people that are too far away from your location to be a benefit to your business.

facebook location targeting

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