3 Tips For Offering Better Customer Service Through Social Media

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Last Updated on: 5th August 2022, 09:25 am

If your customers are on social media, then it makes sense to make the effort to communicate with them on there.

It is important that you are extremely attentive and listen to what they have to say; you will acquire insights that will likely help you with all of your marketing endeavours.

Lets jump into 3 specific ways to do a better job with customer service on social media.


Get Your Staff Involved

Getting your staff involved is especially important for bigger brands, but it is good to create the foundations the right way from the very beginning.

Train your staff to effectively manage all communications – whether that is a complaint, a query, a testimonial or anything else.

You should have a clear plan for how specific situations are handled, and new staff should be promptly trained on this plan.

Make sure they have a full understanding of the effects of both positive and negative feedback and that they know fully how to handle each situation.

And on the note of negative feedback, lets move onto the next tip…


Handling Negative Feedback

Negative comments often freak out business owner far more than they actually need to. We are so emotionally committed into our businesses that we often take it to heart if we receive anything negative…

…And it’s obvious that when emotions are involved, making a good decision to handle the situation becomes much harder.

If somebody leaves a negative comment – don’t remove it. Simply address the problem without taking full blame for the issue.

The very fact that you reach out and handle the situation will immediately put you ahead of much of your competition.

Overall, make sure you address their issues by asking them to contact you via email or deal with it directly online.


Creating The Plan

Whilst all feedback and interaction is going to be different, creating a social media strategy is important for ensuring consistency and overall success.

Firstly, identify your overall objective so that everybody is on the same page and knows what they are trying to achieve by getting social.

Secondly, research and choose specific tools to help you with your efforts.

And then, create a plan for handling negative feedback.

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