5 Changes in Social Media (Stay Up To Date With Facebook, Twitter, Vine & Pinterest)

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Last Updated on: 7th May 2024, 10:11 pm

If you are using social media like us, then it is important that you stay up to date with everything that is going on. A slight change could interfere with the way that you are advertising, and it’s always nice to be on top of things.

We are going to be looking at 5 changes that have taken place or will be taking place in the future across Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter & Vine.

Let’s jump into it.

Twitter To Launch Curator

“Curator was built to allow media publishers to search, filter and curate Twitter content that can then be displayed on web, mobile and TV. Those who have been testing Curator have seen strong increases in audience engagement, participation and attention.”

Read more directly from twitter.


Facebook Brings in Riff

“Anyone can start by creating a video. All you have to do is give it a topic, like #AprilFools, then your friends can view it and choose to add their own clips on that topic. Once a friend adds a clip to your video, your friend’s friends will also be shown the video in Riff and will be able to add to it.”

Read more directly from Facebook.


Facebook’s New ‘Liverail’ will eventually support display ads in mobile apps

LiveRail—our technology platform for powering publishers’ video businesses— will now support display ads in mobile apps. LiveRail will also be able to tap into Facebook’s anonymized people-based demographic information to help publishers more accurately target and serve their impressions.”

Read more directly from Facebook


Vine to Bring in a new higher quality format

Vine has a new, beautiful high quality format. Starting today, the stories you watch and share will look better than ever.”

Read more directly from Vine (Now in an archived state)

Pinning Made Easier With Pinterest

“The Pin It button is how you save anything you want for later. Recipes, articles, project ideas…whenever you spot something you want to try some day, you just Pin It and it’s saved.

And starting today, we’ve made some big improvements to how Pinning works.”



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