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Last Updated on: 5th August 2022, 09:25 am

A few days ago we took a look at Facebook and I offered 3 tips for running better adverts. Today we will be looking at 3 of my favourite adverts and I will be explaining their purpose and when they should be used.

Lets jump into it.

Like Advert

Like adverts will allow you to attract more attention to your fan page – encouraging users to like your page. It’s great for branding, and helps you get more people to see your future posts more often.


Tips For Using Like Adverts

  • The image is incredibly important and will determine your cost per like.
  • The number of page likes your fan page has will show up when you run ads so the more you get the better for social proof.
  • The image needs to be wider.
  • Make the text short and sweet.


Clicks to Website

This type of ad is simple – it’s great for driving traffic to your site. It’s good for getting people into your remarketing list so that you can build that up and consistently drive people back to your site.

It’s also useful for SEO. You can drive traffic to a specific page and acquire engagement and social signals which will help boost the page in the search results.


Tips For Using Clicks to Website

  • Don’t use it to try and achieve direct product sales.
  • Use multiple images for multiple services on the same ad.
  • Pre-qualify prospects with the copy.
  • The goal is qualified clicks, not just clicks.


Website Conversions

This type of ad is very similar to clicks to website and is by far my favourite, simply because it is the best way to drive direct sales.

Website conversion ads are great for tracking action on websites, and are the best ads for tracking the action that your leads take.


Tips For Using Website Conversions

  • Make sure you set up conversion pixels on your thank you pages.
  • Set up retargeting/remarketing on the page that they land on.
  • Pre-qualify leads with the copy. 

That’s all for now. Which types of ads are your favourite?

tracking facebook conversions 

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