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Last Updated on: 5th August 2022, 09:27 am

Setting up a fan page takes a matter of minutes, so you have no excuse not to set up your today and benefit from immediate social proof. In today’s age a business without a fan page is falling behind…

…Of course, it takes a lot of dedication to take your fan page to the stage where it is actually benefitting your business, but it is worth the effort.

Let’s take a look at 5 different benefits to having a fan page once the ball is rolling.


Engage With Your Customers


The vast majority of everything that you post on your fan page shouldn’t be promotional. If you are too self promotional and don’t offer enough value to your fans they will quickly leave.

Engaging with your audience is an extremely important part of running a fan page – so aim to get participation and also consistently share content that people interested in your industry would enjoy.


Drive Traffic to Your Website


The most obvious reason to run a fan page is the traffic that will flow through to your website as a result.

Obviously, it won’t happen by chance and you will need to be smart about the way in which you post, but through a combination of interesting posts, pictures, content and smart plugs to your website, you will start to generate a trickle of traffic through to your site.


More Areas to Place Adverts


In order to posts ads in the news feeds of Facebook users, you need to use your Facebook page.

Without it, Facebook simply don’t let you!


Reputation Management


Facebook is a powerful website and because of that it ranks highly in the search engine search results.

It is easy to build and develop a page and get it to appear on the front page of Google for your brand name – which would wipe out anything else that is potentially negative.


Acquire Reviews & Testimonials


This one only works if you setup your page as a local business, but you have the ability to receive both reviews and testimonials from clients.

From there, you can also take the best reviews and upload them to your website with some basic code that is literally copy and paste!


 tracking facebook conversions


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