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Last Updated on: 5th August 2022, 09:26 am

Social media has changed the dynamics between customers and brands. Recommendations from friends are so easily accessible that a positive recommendation goes an extremely long way towards boosting a product’s sales…

…And with this change in dynamics comes a form of marketing that has previously gone widely unnoticed – influencer marketing.

If you wanted to sell golf clubs, Tiger Woods would be your ideal influencer to help you market your product. If you wanted to sell basketballs, you would bring Michael Jordan in.

The influencers in your industry have the ability to make or break your product.

Of course, bringing Michael or Tiger in would cost more than I care to figure out, but it can work on a smaller scale in a wide number of industries.

Social media platforms such as Youtube and Instagram has created a huge surge of influencers that can practically be considered famous.

For example, kids look up to a You tuber known as ‘PewDiePie’, who has accumulated 34 million subscribers and has a total of one billion views across his videos.

He films himself playing computer games – and kids love it. If he was to promote a new game that was coming out, you could be sure that his massive following would go off to buy it.

So, how does this apply to you and what should you be doing?

Well, the first step is to build a deeper relationship with your customers and truly understand who it is they consider to be the influencer in your space.

From there, seek out the influencers across the different social media platforms – it is easy to work out who is popular simply by their number of followers or subscribers.

When you have created your list of influencers, it is time to reach out to them.

How you handle this final stage is entirely up to you. You could choose to be upfront and simply offer them money to be a sponsor of your brand. You could also offer them some kind of value and hope for something back in return.

Influencers Marketing Chart of Business Concept

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