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The ever-growing rise in social media usage is causing more and more people to start re-thinking their approach to it. With intelligent business owners using it to carve themselves out as an expert in their niche, and then using that status to propel their businesses forwards, you can understand why everybody else is desperately trying to do the same.

But without the correct understanding first, and a strategy to carry you forwards, you will probably be lost in the noise like many others before you.

So what are the essential steps to a successful brand on social media?

Let’s get stuck into today’s post…

What is The End Goal?

Without knowing specifically where it is that you are going, how on earth are you supposed to get there? Too many people don’t lay out their objectives first and instead choose to shout a lot about things that are somewhat related to their business.

Your end goal might be to get more coaching clients; it could be to sell more of your products, or even to simply get more people on your email list.

Whatever it is you want to achieve, make it clear first and you can build your strategy around that goal.

Be Clear On What You Specialise In

What do you want to be known for? That is one of the first questions you need to ask yourself. Once you know that, it becomes easier to write out your profile descriptions and you will know what to share and post abut.

Try to narrow it down as much as possible, if it makes sense to do so. The more narrow your niche, the less competition you will have and the easier it will be for you to be known for it.

Consistency Is Key 

Remaining consistent throughout will make it easier for people to remember you and will do wonders for your brand. Try and maintain the same profile pictures, colour, tone and style across all platforms.

Also, make sure you use the same name everywhere. Check the availability of your name across the various social media platforms that you will be using first. (There are tools that you can use to make this easier)

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