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For some time now we’ve all been well aware that social media is becoming essential to SEO and that social signals help determine where your site ranks. This is all very well, but many of us still aren’t putting this into practice. There is one reason behind this- Because we don’t really know why social media has suddenly become important in SEO and how it really helps. Stay away from Social Media and you’re companies rankings will eventually suffer, if they haven’t already. Here is how social media marketing helps with SEO and why your company should be practising it to avoid getting left behind.Social Media Helps SEO

Votes, Votes And More Votes

The easiest way to understand the reasoning behind Google choosing to make social media important to SEO is to look at sites as being part of a competition, and the way to win is by receiving votes. Once upon a time in this competition the more votes (links) you had the better, no matter where they came from. As Google then realised it was easy to cheat the system by buying links they they decided that the quality of these votes mattered and less the quantity.

 Things were working pretty nicely for some time as quality over quantity reined. Now ‘votes’ needed to be highly relevant from high domain sites. Slowly but surely though Google clocked on that some had also found a way to cheat this system too and so once again had to come up with a new way in which to rank sites accordingly.

 With social media becoming an ever more powerful marketing tool it seemed to be a natural progression for Google to start to take it into account. Above all social media is a popularity contest, who has the most likes, who’s content can gain the most shares etc. Social media fitted in perfectly with the idea of votes and as social media is much more difficult to create falsely this was the perfect move for Google to future proof SEO.

How To Carry Out Social Media Marketing To Help SEO

 Social media marketing alone is going to help your business. You can build your brand, gain loyal customers, gain word of mouth, increase traffic to your site and so on. It’s all good stuff! A well thought out strategy will greatly help with your SEO too, with all these benefits it’s a crime not to be practising it.

 Above all you need to make things easy for people to socially share anything you put online, this will encourage maximum shares if users don’t have to go out of their way to promote your content. To gain social shares with out hardly lifting a finger make sure you have social sharing buttons on every page of your website and every piece of content you create. Previously publishing a piece of content for a link equalled one vote, now that social media is so important if you are socially sharing content and encouraging others to do so that one piece of content could end up equating to 20 votes or maybe even more. So socially sharing makes sense doesn’t it?

 The next part takes a little bit of work, but for what you put in you get a lot more out. Socially share your own content! Add it too all your social media accounts and suggest it to your follows. For example if you’re on the ball with your social media you may have noticed one of your followers has a particular interest in one element of your business. You’ve written a post about that, so why not say ‘Hey, thought this might interest you’ and post the link. What ever you do encourage shares, one share from one fan could mean another share from one of their ‘friends’ or ‘followers’ and then another from theirs and so on and so forth. It all adds up.

A little bit of work on social media could mean a lot of links or ‘votes’. The more popular Google sees you are on social media the higher importance they will deem your site meaning better rankings, more traffic and in turn more social shares.

 So now you understand a little better how important social media is to SEO isn’t it about time you did some social sharing?

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