Most marketers presume that video is only reserved for the big brands with big budgets, but they couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you haven’t at least tried it out already, you are missing out on an opportunity to truly engage with your prospects and give them a real opportunity to get to know you and to ultimately trust you enough to buy.

In this post, we are going to take a quick look at 3 different methods for using video in your social media.


Teach Them Something & Show Them Your Worth

This tactic is probably my favorite because it is win-win for both parties. Your audience gets to learn something new and you now have a prospect that trusts you.

Something interesting happens whenever somebody teaches something to another person, especially when you didn’t charge them for it.

They automatically want to reciprocate.

Reciprocity is a powerful marketing concept when you understand it. Once a prospect has learned something from you for free, the natural progression from that is for them to buy your product.

Of course, this entirely depends on the quality of what you taught.


Reveal a New Product

The more obvious use of video is to simply reveal your product using it. Of course, you will need to get creative and do it in a way that still offers value rather than just pitching them.

You don’t always have to be overly promotional; you can actually make it fun so that they are engaged rather than feeling like they are being sold to.

Identify the specific need or desire that the product fulfills, and base your video around that.


Open The Lid Off The Top Of Your Business

People love to see what really happens inside the brand of a business that they have come in contact with. They like to understand the infrastructure, what the offices look like and how the product is created.

You can use video to showcase this and actually film some employees or existing customers so that your prospects get a sense for what your business is really about.

This will also make it seem more real to them, which is only going to have a positive effect upon your sales.

That’s all folks, hopefully you can see the power of video, and I hope to see yours up and running soon!

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