We spend a great deal of time studying what we should be posting about, how to run successful adverts and what images causes greater clicks, but have you ever stopped to consider the implications of the time that you post.

Different people are online at different times, and Neil Patel of quicksprout recently posted an infograpic with information on the best times to post. We are going to be taking pointers from it today.


  • Greatest engagement occurs on Thursday and Friday.
  • 86% of all posts occur in the work week.
  • Engagement is 3.5% lower than average for posts on Monday & Wednesday. I wonder why?
  • The best time of day to post is the early afternoon that matches the time zone of your target audience.



  • For B2B, you are better off posting on the weekdays, because of 14% higher engagement.
  • For B2C, you should post on weekends. 17% higher engagement.
  • If you are seeking retweets, post at 12pm.
  • If you are interested in a high CTR, post at 6pm.


  • Best time to post is weekdays during business hours.
  • Most shares and clicks on Tuesday at 10am -11am.
  • Best time to post other than that is 7am-8am or 5pm-6pm.
  • Worst time to post is Monday and Friday. (In US, but other countries will probably be similar)

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