For a long time now, Facebook have been the most talked about ad platform. Marketers have been constantly getting great results in various industries.

Not only does all of the data that Facebook has on its users allow us to pinpoint our perfect prospect, but the amount you pay for each click is ridiculously low…

…Especially when you compare it to other platforms like Google AdWords.

But, in order to succeed there are two critical things that you must do first. Let’s jump into them now.

  • Research Your Target Audience

It doesn’t matter how well you think you know your target audience or how clear you are on your ideal customer, you need to do your research first.

With countless different ways to target people with your adverts, knowing the nitty gritty details of your target market is essential to successfully targeting them.

You need to know where they hang out, where they shop, how much they earn, what they are likely to spend their money on etc etc.

When you have all of that information, it makes it much easier to create sets of adverts that will target them based on their interests and demographics.


  • Check Out The Competition

You will often find that your competitors have done a great deal of the hard work for you, and researching their strategy will make it easy to mimic and beat them.

Pay close attention to their Facebook page and the things that their customers or prospects say to them. You can also find useful information about the type of posts that do well, which will help you craft your own successful posts and further allow you to delve into the minds of your target market.

Whilst many up and coming marketers will be quick to ignore this advice and jump straight into creating their first adverts, the smarter ones will take this information into account and use it.

The research stage is a critical part of almost all marketing strategies and failure to do so could cause a waste of time and budget.