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If you are actively running Facebook ads to drive engagement or sales, you need to know how well those ads are performing.

A pretty obvious statement – but it shocks me how many ‘marketers’ are operating in the dark. Mindlessly creating ads without actually tracking the results is the fastest way to burn through your marketing budget.

We are going to take a look at how you can use Facebook insights and Google analytics to work out the profitability of your ads – allowing you to determine if they are worth running again.

Facebook Insights

Face book insights is the free tool found inside your page – as long as you are an admin. They are located at the top of the page and tell you a ton about what is going on with your Facebook page.

You can find out how many comments, shares and likes are on specific posts, giving you an insight into how much engagement is occurring – allowing you to compare posts against each other to see which one performed better.

You can even compare the overall data to last week. If you tried something new one week, you will be able to see whether it was an improvement upon your original tactic.

Of course, you can also look specifically at likes that were acquired through paid ads, allowing you to judge the ROI for a certain campaign.

Whilst it may be difficult to put a numeric figure upon the worth of a like, you should be able to get a feel for whether or not it is worth continuing with it.

You can also go inside the posts tab in insights, and view individual posts. You will be able to look at the effectiveness of a boosted post – again to see if it was worth the investment.

Google Analytics

You can get the majority of what you need from Facebook insights. Facebook has done a great job of providing us with actionable data to make our efforts profitable.

But, with Google analytics you can take a look at how your efforts are impacting your actual website. By using URL tagging, you can track individual ad campaigns to view the traffic they are generating, by looking inside Google analytics.

You can find out how many users came to the site from your page or from ads, and even find out how long they stayed and whether or not they converted.

By combining the data you gathered from insights with Google analytics, you can find out the ROI that you are generating, allowing you to decide what to do next.

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