Facebook Retargeting: How To Set It Up & Why You Need To Do It Now

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tracking facebook conversions

When somebody visits your website, the vast majority of the time they are not going to buy anything.

They may need to think about it some more, they might be too busy to make a decision at that moment in time, or maybe they just need to interact with your brand a few more times before they trust you.

Whatever the reason, you need to be actively marketing to these prospects that didn’t make a purchase, and Facebook is a great place to do it

With Facebook retargeting, you can show ads to people that visited your website. You can even only show the ads to prospects that visited a particular page on your site.

With Facebook being an extremely cheap platform for getting traffic, you can even manage to achieve all of this for a relatively small investment.

The result is increased ROI for your business, and it’s really not that difficult to set up.

Let’s jump into how you do it now.

Within your Facebook ads manager, (go and set one up if you don’t have one already) select audience in the left hand bar.

Now, click create a custom audience, and choose ‘custom audience from your website’. Accept the terms and conditions and create your web-marketing pixel.

You will place this pixel on your website, and the pixel will save a cookie and start adding your site’s visitors to this custom audience list.

Place the pixel code into the source code of your website, inside the header.

When the code has done it’s job and built a big enough list of prospects and placed them inside the custom audience, you can create an ad and push these prospects back towards whatever page you need them to be on to make the purchase.

Even if you are not ready to start pushing these ads out right now, make sure you get the code as soon as possible and place it onto the site.

This is because it makes sense to start building the list of prospects sooner rather than later, so that when you are ready to start advertising with Facebook, you already have a list of prospects that visited your website.

Facebook retargeting can be extremely lucrative because you are only showing ads to people that have come in contact with your brand already.

A well-placed ad is all it often takes to push a prospect to making a decision, and the fact that this form of advertising is relatively cheap it an added bonus.

tracking facebook conversions

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