Becoming a thought leader in your space provides a whole bunch of benefits. The most lucrative effect of becoming a thought leader is that it gives you the opportunity to teach others for high fees, or set up online coaching programs and automate the sales process to free up your time.

We are going to check out some basic but often overlooked concepts that will help you on your path to success.


Niche Down

If you are just getting started, it will dramatically speed up the process of getting known if you niche down. For example, if you want to be a social media thought leader, choose one particular platform such as Facebook.

In doing so, you will be able to market yourself more efficiently and it will be easier for people to know and remember you as the expert in that particular field.

Try & Be Everywhere at Once

Twitter, Facebook, Google+, instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, blogs…

There are countless ways for your voice to be heard and using as many of them as possible to their full potential will differentiate you from the rest.

Of course, don’t just blindly invest time in a particular platform without doing your due diligence first. You need to make sure that your target market is actually on that platform and then plan accordingly from there.

Stay Up To Date

It amazes me how many ‘thought leaders’ don’t even stay up to date in their space. It’s your space, you should be the master of it. You should hear about the latest changes or news in your niche before anybody else hears about it.

Set Alerts

A great way to constantly stay up to date is to set alerts. You can use tools like Google alerts to notify you whenever something new has come up.

You can use this trick to read all of the necessary blogs & press releases and remain ahead of everybody else.

Share Amazing Content (Not Good)

Any type of content that you share across any social platform needs to be top notch. It is not enough to simply share something that is mediocre or good at best. You are trying to establish yourself as a leader.

People are not going to believe in you or follow you if you strive for anything less than amazing.

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