Why a Lack of Relevancy Could be Destroying Your Effort To Buy Traffic

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Last Updated on: 5th August 2022, 09:29 am

Last week Claire talked about paid advertising and offered some killer insights to prevent you from giving up on paid media before you truly start to see its potential.

Today I want to dig deeper into one specific problem that people tend to make when they are new to buying adverts…

…We often find that newcomers fail to align the advert, the landing page and the offer/product itself in a way that is relevant.

In Google AdWords, if somebody clicks on your advert and lands on a page that doesn’t align with the promise made in the advert itself – they are going to immediately leave your site.

Not only would you have wasted money on getting the visitor to land on your site, but Google will charge you more for future visitors if too many people immediately leave your site. (This is one of the way’s Google maintains relevancy and ensures that users find what they are looking for.)

So, you can quickly see how relevancy is the make or break factor that determines whether or not
you are successful.

Whether you are using Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or any other channel for your paid ads; you need to focus on maintaining a level of relevancy to succeed.

So if there is one thing that you should take from this post, it should be that overpromising in your adverts is a fatal mistake. Misleading or confusing ad copy might get you more clicks and visitors, but if you are sacrificing conversions and causing your cost per visitor to rise, then something is seriously not right.

We will be digging deeper into more mistakes you need to avoid and some specific tactics that will lead to successful paid media management in upcoming blogs so stay tuned.

paid media relevancy


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