So you’ve started a Facebook ad campaign – you’re really proud of it, getting lots of Likes and Shares.. but all of a sudden..

GET OFF MY FUCKING FEED! or you might even get

YOU’RE AN EVIL SCAM ARTIST or sometimes you might get something even worse….

Someone disagreeing with your point of view. And it can be REALLY tempting to jump in there and defend yourself.

HOW are you supposed to deal with those Nasty Comments?

Here are my suggestions for dealing with your new found “haters”.

  1. Don’t take it personally. Some people get REALLY upset that their free source of fun – Facebook – is daring to show advertising in their newsfeed. They don’t get that even free tools need to make money somehow to keep it free, so as a result they lash out at YOU. And sometimes quite rudely, as you’ll notice!
  2. Check your Ad Frequency – if they’re seeing your ads too often, this can be a reason why people get annoyed. Look at the frequency over the last 7 days, ideally you don’t want it higher than 2, 3 at most. If they see it more than this be prepared for negative feedback on your ads – which might not be as nice as hiding your ad, it might be a very rude comment!
  3. Delete the comment on Facebook (on your Page). Don’t reply. Don’t get into discussion. Even if you think you’re being clever, or even if you think you want to argue your point – believe me it’s not worth it. Because what will happen next is more and more people will “jump in” to the argument and before you know it you’re in the middle of an online war. It’s not good for you (especially your stress levels!) and it’s certainly not good for your brand. Just. Delete. It. Okay?

Monitor Your Facebook Page Nonstop

It’s REALLY important to get these comments off QUICKLY. And I mean quickly.

So my advice is to either appoint a manager or team member to check for negative comments constantly – or to do it yourself.

When running a lot of ads, I check my page for negative comments every hour or so – weekends included.

The best way I have found is to use the iPhone Pages Manager app, which allows me to quickly skim through comments.

It also allows me to respond to positive comments or requests for assistance quickly – leading to a better experience for fans as well.

Create A List Of Banned Words

My next piece of advice is to make sure that you start creating a list of words that are BANNED from your page – meaning anyone who uses them in a comment has the comment immediately disabled.

To do this go to your Facebook page and click Settings in the top right hand corner.

Look for Page Moderation and add a list of as many rude words as you can think of!

Plus each time anyone leaves a comment with something rude you hadn’t considered, add one of the rude words here to prevent future comments being allowed.

Can I turn Off the Comments on my Facebook Business Page?

No you can’t, and you shouldn’t either, as most comments are good and show Facebook we’ve got a great ad running.

The best advice I can give you is to tie down your list of banned words really tightly, and add to it constantly to ensure the comment is immediately hidden if someone uses one of the banned words.

Need advice on your Facebook Ad account? As a Facebook and Google Ads Consultant, I’d love to help. Message me now via LinkedIn – I’d love to help!

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