The Myth of Facebook Likes Leading to Increased Sales

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Last Updated on: 5th August 2022, 09:32 am

I just got off the phone with a client who told me they had been advised previously to build up hundreds of likes, post content regularly to build up a following – and eventually the sales will come…. (after a few months!)


Facebook doesn’t work that way. And it’s leading to a huge swathe of business owners switching off from Facebook and deciding that Facebook advertising doesn’t work in their business.

Likes (Fans, also sometimes known as Followers) on a Facebook page mean absolutely NOTHING. They are pure VANITY and nothing else.

What really counts – is how many people you can get from Facebook to OPT IN and become part of your list!

Likes are quite simply an offshoot or effect of your marketing and should NOT be the main focus of your marketing efforts.

Follow A Process That Generates Leads and Sales

Here is the process I teach my clients to generate highly qualified leads:

Facebook Ad —> Opt-in to great content that positions you as expert —> Prospect consumes content —> Books appointment —> Salescall —> Client

Alongside this, to those who do not request an appointment immediately – I recommend email marketing where you continue to build great value and reminding them to book in for a call.

It’s as simple as that.

YES – there is no harm in occasionally running ads to your Fans – but believe me it’s not going to generate a huge volume of leads.

If you need new leads daily coming into your business – as opposed to a handful here and there, you’d better DITCH the process that focuses on creating likes primarily for your business.

IS it ever a good idea to advertise for “likes”?

The only time I suggest advertising for likes is when you’ve got a brand new page – it can look a little odd and somewhat “bare” to have a very low number of fans. I’d suggest advertising on a small daily budget of less than $5 per day until you reach a few hundred fans. (By the way, it’s actually counter productive in Facebook to try and use larger budgets as Facebook just charges you more per new fan for some reason. If you want to build fans better far better to just replicate a few of your $5 ad sets to different interests)

Secondly – I teach my clients that advertising for likes can be used to test which interest groups in Facebook respond well to their message- so can actually prove somewhat useful in the very early stages of an advertising campaign. However I advise them NOT to expect these new fans to turn into leads UNLESS you manage to then get them to consume your content and get onto their email list!

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