Is An “Evergreen” Marketing Funnel Possible? (How To Bring In Leads Continually Using Google AND Facebook)

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Last Updated on: 5th June 2024, 01:33 pm

It’s every business owner owner’s dream… yet we wonder if it’s even possible, or it even EXISTS…

An “Evergreen Marketing Funnel” that brings leads in continually for your business with next to NO changes…?

Well – yes AND no…

So let’s look at what I mean

Building Out Your Almost Evergreen Marketing Funnel

Facebook and Google have both become REALLY good with their conversion optimisation machines…

So this means that it’s possible to create a marketing campaign with evergreen pieces that does the following:

1) Use a video on YouTube / Facebook to warm the audience up and find those interested in your message (this step is optional – you can move straight into step two). This will move them into a Video Audience.

2) Use an opt-in to move visitors into your email list where they now become part of a different Asset. (80% of your marketing budget should be allocated to bringing in cold traffic and 20% should be allocated to retargeting to move those people into becoming buyers). Where possible, choose evergreen topics that don’t “age”, so you can keep the ads running for longer.

3) Create an email marketing sequence that proves your expertise while helping them solve problems, all with Calls To Action

4) Retarget visitors using a variety of different materials such as testimonials, blogs, videos – again to ensure you prove your ability to solve their problems

Okay, so sounds simple, right? So why is it an “Almost” Evergreen Marketing Funnel?

Your audience will get saturated after a while.. both in steps 1 and 2 with the cold traffic PLUS in step 4 after they have seen all your content..

I.e. They will get FED UP of seeing you!

So what Needs To Happen Next?

We need to exclude those who have visited our past content to avoid “spamming” them with it using our retargeting audiences and then commit to ONGOING new content.

How can we know at which point a visitor will finally become ready to buy?

Remember – Your advertising TODAY is filling your evergreen funnel 2 to 3 MONTHS from now….

So if you don’t have any ads right now going to cold traffic… guess what’s going to happen in 3 months?

Your pipeline will slow down…

And yes, of course, we will always be able to scoop up the 5% of people that are looking to buy a solution right now, but what about the other 95%? That still have this problem, that wants a solution, but for whatever reason, they are not ready to buy just yet?

If you do NOT have in place a consistent strategy that brings in cold leads and converts them into prospects affordably…. Then you don’t have a reliable way to grow your business.

We need a strategy that does TWO things – it should convert those who are ready to buy NOW… AND converts the others further down the line… (no matter how long it takes!)

Makes Sense Claire, So What Do I Need To Do To Create This “Almost Evergreen” Marketing Funnel?

1) Commit to filling your funnel with brand new cold traffic by creating new content – just one webinar/video/opt-in every couple of months will suffice. Blog posts will also work.

2) Advertise it consistently and relentlessly for that 2 month period to fill your cold traffic funnel

3) Build out email marketing sequences or commit to regular email broadcasts that spread your message and deliver value to your prospects. Ask for the appointment/sale at the end of every piece so prospects know what action they are supposed to take – and take it!

4) Build out retargeting sequences that use a variety of different platforms (Google Display, YouTube, Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc) and follow your visitors constantly while delivering value AND asking for the appointment/sale. Your “almost evergreen” marketing funnel could include:

  • One ad for days 1 to 7
  • A different ad for days 8 to 14
  • A third ad for days 15 to 21
  • A final ad for days 22 to 28
  • After day 29 you could move them into a general audience meaning they see all the new materials you put out

5) And finally…. use your exclusion audiences carefully and cap impressions to ensure you don’t overdo things and “spam” people. (And make sure you remove crazy comments on your ads!)

Sounds Great Claire, But How Do I Do All This?

If this sounds amazing and you can see how it will work wonders in your business… then let’s talk!

Simply book in a call with me now and we’ll discuss how my team and I can help you implement this FAST.

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