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I HATE Bitcoin.

I’m fed up with hearing about it.

I block ads that talk about it.

I delete emails that mention it.

But when I think about it – part of the reason is jealousy!!

I missed an opportunity to make millions – and I’m pissed at myself.

Had I invested back when I was told that bitcoin was about to go on an incredible bull run – I’d be sitting on a fortune right now!

I’ll happily admit it – I’m not a good investor in “unusual” currencies and opportunities.

I’m not great at predicting where the financial markets are about to go….

But, I DO trust my marketing predictions – and I trust that I have always been able to see the direction that the market is heading…

…and then position myself at the front of the wave, to cash in before the rest of the market catches up and saturates it.

Here’s the thing:

There Is another wave coming.

And I’m not about to sleep on this one.

You’ve probably noticed that Facebook Ad costs are rising – fast.

It’s because there is only so much room on the platform to run ads.

After all, Facebook is just one website with only so much room – and it’s not growing its user base fast enough to match the huge demand for ads (58% of the adult population now have a Facebook account!)

And of course – Zuckerberg appeared in front of Congress to talk about how everybody’s data got breached – that kind of publicity didn’t do them any favours. It looks like much tighter regulation is coming…. and we need to be prepared for that clamp down.

Meanwhile, advertisers are spending more and more on Facebook ads, and more businesses are opening ad accounts while they still can.

Remember – Ad platforms make so much money because they are set up specifically to create bidding wars.

You are fighting your competition for the clicks, and if more people are willing to put money in – the costs go up.

And right now – there are a lot of people willing to put money into Facebook. With a LOT more about to follow. and to top it all off – the regulations are about to clamp down on the small business advertiser…

So, with all this going on, where does the savvy business owner turn to be a step ahead of the rest?


I jumped on Google AdWords back in 2008 – Some of you attended webinars I ran on the topic back in 2012, 2013, 2014 – some of you even bought courses from me and some of you became consultants yourselves!

And Google has been quietly redefining themselves… learning from Facebook… obsessing over their data… acquiring Youtube

They have come a long way since I got started.

So, why is Google the obvious platform to turn to as Facebook gets more expensive?

Well firstly, unlike Facebook – Google is not just one website. We’re not talking Google search where people go and search for what they want (although that too can work surprisingly well for the savvy advertiser with a great opt-in!)

No, – in this instance we’re talking Google Display – their partnerships with millions of websites all across the internet – (you may have been chased all over the place by my ads recently!) These websites are all showing Google’s ads – and they’re available to you too right now.

Secondly, with billions of impressions across Youtube that nobody is buying – there is a large volume of traffic available for those who choose to figure out how the whole thing works…

And yep – you guessed it – we cracked the code over here.

We’re getting webinar leads, quiz leads, ebook leads…you name it, we’re bringing in leads right now for us and our clients using Google.

The great thing about this strategy is that it works even better when pairing Google, Youtube and Facebook together – stacking retargeting sequences on top of each other.

The appointments my clients and my team are generating are so incredibly qualified because they have been exposed to our marketing from multiple angles – they are signing up to year-long packages and masterminds in a single phone call.

That is the power of a properly crafted retargeting funnel that crosses multiple platforms.

Right now – Google is a well-kept secret. Because everybody forgets that Google and Google display exists, plus Youtube is sooooo cheap with tons of super-qualified traffic!.

So – If you’re currently spending (or are ready to spend) at least $2000 per month on ads – then we need to talk about how you too – can start using Google PLUS Facebook to bring in leads.

Let’s get on the phone and plan out your Multi-Platform Strategy:

1. How can you better use your current assets, lead magnets and audiences to bring in better qualified leads?

2. How can you bring in super qualified leads by using a multi-platform strategy?

3. What does a multi-touch funnel look like for you if you combined Facebook, Google search, Youtube and Google display, and what will it contain?

On the call, we’ll build out a plan for you to implement – and if it’s right for both of us we can discuss how you can implement it with our help. Should you decide to implement it without our help that’s fine too – at least you’ve now got your multi platform plan in place.

Simply click here to book a call with me now. I can’t wait to see how I can help.

(More interested in Google Ads? Get better results faster! If you’re ready to set up profitable campaigns and achieve rapid Google Ads success in 7 easy steps, get your copy of my best-selling Google Ads book!)

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