One of the biggest blocks that people have when it comes to selling online is not wanting to annoy friends and family.

To be honest – it’s fair enough.

We have all had that one friend that suddenly realised they are an entrepreneur and spammed our news feed and inbox with the latest weight loss supplements.

And most of us have encountered that person from school that suddenly stumbled upon the ‘best business opportunity ever’ and tried to get us to join their network marketing company, even though you never spoke to them in school.

Nobody wants to be like that guy.

But the thing is, you don’t even actually need to sell on Facebook in this way to be successful.

….In fact, you can’t sell on Facebook in this way and be successful!

The first thing we need to understand is that it is easy to keep the business side of things entirely separate to your personal life – making sure that friends and family don’t get fed up of hearing about your business.

Create A Facebook Page For Your Business Updates

The way you do this is by creating a Facebook fan page and using that solely for your business. If people want to learn more about your business they can head there and interact with you.

Once you have setup your page, you need to focus on leading with value.

If you want to get coaching clients for your class on mastering the stock market and becoming a successful trader, use Facebook to provide free content that shows people how to get started in the markets with a small budget.

If you are a marketer and want to get more clients, help people understand the value of using a certain marketing channel or show them a little trick that doesn’t require too much marketing knowledge or skill.

Provide Value

Once you have provided enough value, the clients will naturally be drawn to you because you have already demonstrated your worth.

Facebook is an excellent platform for acquiring clients, but it often confuses people that are new to using it to market themselves.

You should be helping the people that are interested in what you sell, and the people that are not interested don’t matter – they simply won’t seek you out.

There are also so many advertising options available to us once we have a Facebook fan page set up.

Because Facebook has access to so much information about us, it provides us with a huge number of different targeting options that allows us to pinpoint our ideal client, as Claire has covered in her webinars.

Once you have a flow of valuable content on your page, you can simply target your ideal prospect and pull them towards your page -the value you offer there will do the rest.