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Last Updated on: 5th August 2022, 09:36 am

Fed up talking with unqualified leads who have NO idea who you are or what you can do for them?

Had enough of being asked to submit proposals, being compared to the competition, and having to go super LOW with your pricing to win the client?

There IS a better way!

Today I’d like to talk with you about how to use Facebook to bring in super qualified leads who are ready to buy immediately…often on the very first call!

So let’s jump in and get started…

It’s All About The Positioning

Your first step is to ensure that YOU or your company are positioned as experts in their field – you need to quickly become the “go-to” person.

Worried that this sounds like it’s going to take a REALLY long time…?

This is exactly where Facebook comes into its own.  We can do this quickly and effectively simply by using a short advertising funnel that exposes the prospect multiple times to your expertise, demonstrating that YOU understand their problems and hold the answers.

So the first step is to create a handful of marketing materials that talk about their problems and offers solutions.

This might be in the form of “How To” blogs such as this one, Ebooks, Automated Webinars, Reports etc

It need NOT be dozens of pages long – the key is to ensure that you are direct, to the point – and offer a genuine solution to the prospect’s needs.

Don’t hesitate to give away truly great information to make the prospect think differently about their issue, and come to see YOU as the market leader in that field.

When “prettying up” the marketing materials – I’m about taking action. You can always come back later and hire a professional graphic designer.

So PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION is what you need to aim for!

You can also hire a designer quickly and cheaply using People Per Hour or Fiverr who will take your content and turn it quickly into an ebook.

If you prefer to give it a go yourself – my favourite ebook/report creator is a simple WordPress plugin called Beacon, which allows me to take any blog I’ve written and turn it into a downloadable form in just a few clicks. Saves me loads of time and looks completely professional!

Bring In The Leads

Okay so now it’s time to bring in the leads using Facebook Ads.

The first advert people will see from you – will be an ad offering one of your free give aways. At this point in our little “funnel” they are totally cold, and will never have heard of you.

Offer your giveaway using a landing page creator such as Leadpages and ask for their email address. Up to 80% of my leads come directly via email for a list I built solely using Facebook – it’s SUPER important to concentrate on building your email list here.

You’ll want to set up your ad direct to your landing page and target a variety of different interests/audiences. I like to find these by looking at past clients and prospects profiles to see who they follow on Facebook – digital marketing coaches, business coaches etc. It’s also possible to target books your prospects read – such as the Four Hour Work Week, The Secret etc, as well as targeting their authors.

On all of your landing pages, and thank you pages – you will want to use a Facebook Pixel. This pixel will allow you to follow people around constantly with your future ads that we will cover shortly. Following people around with your ads is what will result in hyper qualified leads – as people are exposed to multiple “touches” in a very short of time, meaning they feel that they grow to “know, like and trust” you extremely quickly.

Build Familiarity

So now it’s time to work on building that familiarity and add in the multiple touches.

I’d suggest adding in as many as possible of the following:

  • Testimonial video / page
  • Social proof of your credentials – for example have you had anything published by Inc, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Huffington Post that you can promote here?
  • Further marketing materials in a different format than the original – such as videos, automated webinars, ebooks, reports

All of these will then be advertised via your Facebook pixel to those who have already downloaded your first giveaway using a series of retargeting ads.

In addition, you’ll want to set up an email series that goes out daily for at least the first week after prospects join your original email list -always offering value. I like to cross link in my emails between my different marketing materials – for example inviting people to download other giveaways.

The aim is that the more people consume of your content… the better qualified a lead they will become.

Constantly Ask For The Appointment

At the end of every single piece of marketing material – add a short blurb that explains how you can help, what you can offer, and how to book in for an appointment.

Do NOT simply offer a telephone number or email address – it’s very important that if you want to bring in qualified leads you ensure they book properly for an appointment.  Use a form that qualifies them.

Asking people to book in for an appointment in this way ensures they regard YOU as the expert. You don’t want to be seen as a commodity – which is what will happen if you just let anyone call you up for a chat…

You’ll want to add in an advert direct to your Appointment Scheduler using your Facebook retargeting pixel so that this follows them around constantly too.

Over To You

Okay so now it’s your turn!

Let me take your hand and show you EXACTLY how to create, implement and perfect the above sequence…. creating hyper qualified leads that are ready to buy NOW.

If so then simply click here to book in for a call, I cannot wait to see how I can assist!

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