Wondering how the latest Facebook Ads changes will affect you in 2018?

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Last Updated on: 7th May 2024, 12:32 pm

As always – there’s a ton of changes taking place in Facebook right now….

….and as usual – it’s freaking a lot of people out!

Panicking about whether their Facebook Ads will stop working – or whether all the work they’ve been putting into building their fanbase is going to go to waste.

So I’m going to outline my thoughts on how the latest changes affect Coaches & Consultants – or anyone who is a “leader” online.

  • Facebook want its users to remain within Facebook.  So we need to make sure we support that. The expectations are that imminently we’ll be scheduling calls within Facebook, having our meetings within Facebook via Messenger and then accepting all payments within Facebook. Basically they don’t want people to ever leave. So with this in mind – we need to be looking at what we can do to make sure people stay within the Facebook platform. Hence we will need to start (or continue) making moves into creating Facebook videos, running Facebook groups and running Facebook lives while continuing to use other tools such as webinars as part of our strategy…always returning people to Facebook whenever we can.
  • If people actively search for you and then visit your page to find your latest content – they will be more likely to see your content in the newsfeed in the future, as will other fans as well. This is because it’s presumed that your content is engaging if people are actively searching for it. So the aim is to create regular ongoing content – whether it’s videos, new lead magnets, or discussions held on your page.
  • Your Facebook Ads are NOT going to stop working – you just need to start adapting your strategy. Retargeting is now more important than ever – and you need to be considering a multitude of different retargeting audiences that Facebook is now offering us  – page fans, uploaded email lists, people who have engaged with your page, people who have watched your videos etc. Every single audience may have different people in it so each needs to be included in your targeting sequences. At least 20% of your advertising budget needs to go towards your retargeting audience and 80% towards finding new prospects.
  • The battle for space within the newsfeed will get even more fierce. As new businesses continue to start advertising on Facebook (1 million new businesses entered in just 7 months in 2017) the newsfeed will continue to fill up. For the unwary advertiser – your ads will be pushed out to its lower quality partner network in exactly the same as Google did for so many years with its Display Network. In addition, Facebook will also continue to add more features to ensure it doesn’t run out of inventory- such as the interest expansion feature. This feature is costing unwary advertisers a TON of advertising spend right now.
  • Your long term customer acquisition strategy is going to become of the utmost importance. To acquire a coaching or B2b consulting client via an optimised Facebook funnel currently costs from £200 to £800 depending on your market, your Facebook advertising skills and the funnel you’re using. As more advertisers continue to enter the market – advertising costs will continue to increase as more people fight over the best traffic… this means you MUST optimise your funnel AND simultaneously work on your long term strategy to ensure you can afford to keep your ads running. This means looking at the front end and back end programs you’re running, examining your recurring revenue streams and ensuring you create a strategy that maximises the value of each client by helping them to the greatest extent of your ability.

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