3 Advanced Facebook Marketing Techniques For Effortlessly Closing Bigger Clients

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Last Updated on: 5th August 2022, 09:37 am

When you are looking to close higher-end clients for bigger fees, it makes sense to adapt your strategy.

There is a difference in the way you position yourself before you get on the phone with your leads…

…and a difference in the way that you follow-up…

…and the amount of effort you put into nurturing that lead.

The sale is worth more, so you can afford the extra time and resources that goes into these things.

I have 3 advanced techniques that I would like to share with anybody looking to close clients worth £2k+.

They are to be used as a part of your Facebook marketing strategy.

The Follow-up Sequence That Makes Selling Easier & Brings Lost Leads Back from The Dead

I will be the first to admit that in the past I have not done enough to nurture my hottest leads.

When the booked appointments come flooding in through Facebook ads, it is easy to lose sight of the big picture.

Hopefully the image above does enough to explain my ‘best case scenario’ for the type of content that my hottest leads will see from me on Facebook.

(My hottest leads being the ones that have booked a strategy call slot on my calendar to discuss working together.)

The theory is simple:

If somebody has booked a call with you, it is very powerful to show them testimonial videos on Facebook.

That way, all of the good work you have done is fresh in their minds when they get on the call with you.

It is easy to set this up in Facebook.

You just need to retarget anybody that has visited the page on your call booking scheduler which they land on after they book a call.

(Of course, make sure your pixel is there!)

Anybody that didn’t show for a call or wasn’t ready to pay when they had a call needs to be added back to your standard Facebook/Email content value sequence.

Now of course, it’s tough to implement a Facebook ad strategy that works perfectly like the image.

But, if all you take from this is that you should gather a testimonial video and show it to people on Facebook that have booked a call with you, then perfect!

That alone will be enough to add enough to make your calls go smoother.

How to Generate Better Leads by Being Less ‘Available’

We’re weird. Us humans.

We want the things that we can’t have, and when we can’t have it…

Well, we want it even more.

We also like to work with people that are in demand.

It shows that they are good, right?

Well, what does it look like when you have 50 slots open on your calendar for a call this week?

What does it look like when you slap your phone number and email all over your website?

It looks like you NOT in demand.

It looks like you have free time for anybody that fancies a chat.

The fastest way for you to position yourself as the ‘in demand’ expert is to give your leads only ONE way of speaking with you personally:

By booking a spot on your calendar. (and don’t leave too many of those slots open)

Create Content Consistently & Ask For The Appointment

I’m a big believer in pushing out content consistently simply because it changed my life.

I have run businesses in the past where distributing free valuable content wasn’t part of the strategy.

Speaking to those leads was horrible.

They had no respect, and I had no positioning as the expert.

Something powerful happens when you have helped somebody solve a problem or taught them something in the past.

They trust you…

The law of reciprocity kicks in.

People like to give back to people that have helped them.

And its far easier to bring a client on when you have already helped them and they want to give back to you.

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