What’s the fastest way to build trust in your marketplace, prove you are the expert in your space and turn somebody into a potential client?

By helping people solve their problems…

And, the most efficient way to do that on a large scale is to produce content and then distribute it to your audience on Facebook.

Help somebody solve one small problem by teaching them something valuable, and then they will pay you to help them solve the bigger problem in their life.

So, a property investing coach could help solve a problem by writing a blog post titled:

How To Get Started In Property Investing & Land Your First Deal.

By writing that post, the coach would be solving the problem that all beginners face, and he would be answering the question that everybody asks themselves:

“How do I get started?”

Further down the line, that same coach could get hired to solve the ultimate problem:

“How do I invest in property to create long term cashflow each and every month?”

Distributing free valuable content is a beautiful way to land clients because it is based purely on providing value.

But, not everybody realises they even have a problem in the first place…


How To Show Your Prospect That They Have a Problem, And That You Have The Solution

Most of the people that you will be targeting with your ads are probably not thinking about their problem right now.

Maybe they aren’t even aware that they have a problem.

Some might know they have a problem, but may not know that there is a solution to it.

Either way, the purpose of your content is to take somebody who isn’t yet a prospect, and turn them into one.

Let’s look at an example inside my own business.

I have a blog post titled: “How To Turn Your Knowledge Into This Explosive ‘7 Touch’ Facebook Ad System”.

It teaches people the importance of building a retargeting list and being willing to invest into ads without seeing an immediate return.

The return comes on the back-end from the multiple ‘touches’ through my ‘7 touch’ Facebook ad system.

After reading that post, my target market now know that they have a problem:

They don’t have enough ‘touches’ in their Facebook marketing strategy.

They also know that the solution is to hire me to teach them how to setup their ‘7 touch’ Facebook ad system.

I helped them see where the problem lies in their marketing, and I presented them the solution.


How To Identify And Transform Your Target Market’s Beliefs To Turn Them Into Perfect

Rather than mindlessly chasing people who are not your perfect prospects, it is far more effective to change people’s beliefs and turn them into the perfect prospect.

Ask yourself this:

-what problems do my target market face? What can I do to solve them?

-What do I know about my area of expertise that most people don’t?

-What are the common mistakes or misconceptions surrounding my topic?

-If you were to sit down next to someone and speak with them, what beliefs do they currently hold? (and how would you transform those beliefs to benefit that person?)

Let’s look at the common beliefs in my marketplace.

-My target market can’t be found on Facebook.

-Facebook is too competitive for B2B.

-Before I can sell online, I need to build up an email list.

-I’m terrible with technology, so It’s impossible for me to learn online marketing.

-Nobody would ever sign up to something after a single phone call.

-My programme must be delivered in a one on one setting, and couldn’t possibly work if set up as a group programme.

Because I am very aware of the limiting beliefs held by my marketplace, I am easily able to help them transform those beliefs with every piece of content that I put out.

In doing so, I turn a non-believer into a believer, and I show them that they can build a profitable Facebook ad funnel.

Now, it’s your turn.

Figure out the beliefs held by your target market, and seek to transform them with your content.