In the past few days I have been contacted by many of you – worrying about the recent uproar with Facebook privacy concerns. Some of you have concerns about what this means for their advertising funnels, and even asking me if they should be considering coming off Facebook completely.

Here are the facts:

The misuse of the data was in fact relating to a breach back in 2014. New rules were put in place by Facebook at the time to ensure this did not happen again. Facebook chose not to panic users at the time by releasing details of the data breach publicly. Instead they modified the rights of App developers to ensure it would NOT happen again.  I do not tend to debate here whether they were right or wrong with this decision not to make the information public. The important thing for us as business users of Facebook is that the issue has been dealt with.

So what I want you to take from it is this – the data breach has been closed. The new EU GDPR regulations will continue to ensure your data is looked after and only used for the purposes you are aware of.

As a business user of Facebook – my stance is that the breach has been closed, and that our governments will continue to work with them to ensure our privacy.  I choose to have faith that I can trust in our government to work with Facebook on this issue. And you should too. Yes of course we could tie ourselves up in knots worrying about this – but how will that help us to reach the people who need our help right NOW?

So… we should not let this issue concern us and drive us away from the top source of traffic available in the world today. Facebook Ads are still the cheapest way to bring in high quality leads for your business. In addition the market has matured – this means that our prospects are now more likely to know how to sign up for webinars, download our trainings, and are confident enough in buying online to be willing to part with their money in greater numbers than ever before.

Having said that, I DO want to point out that Facebook continues to draw in new advertisers and the platform is technically nearly full up.

This means that costs will continue to rise – especially for the newbie advertiser who is going after the same traffic as all of their competitors.

So let’s look now at what I do think you SHOULD be putting in place as a Plan B to ready yourself for the upcoming price rises in Facebook….

Cross Promote

Your content can and should be used on multiple platforms to hedge your bets. I have a strong presence on Twitter and LinkedIn as well as Facebook, and I even have multiple Facebook Pages as a backup in case I should need to move it.

When retargeting (following people around with your ads) – you MUST put your pixels in place for as many platforms as possible. This will allow you to dominate the market but also to create “look-alike” audiences on every single platform should you ever want to look at other sources of Paid Traffic.

So please go and place pixels right now for Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google at the very least. The longer the pixel in place the more data there is available should you need it.

Get Creative With Your Targeting

Targeting the same people as everyone else – e.g. fans of Amy Porterfield or Tony Robbins is getting expensive! It’s not really surprising when you consider that so many people are fighting over the same traffic.

So instead get creative with your targeting.

Look instead at making use of past audiences or email lists, and create lookalike audiences. These are likely to contain thousands of people who are not fans of the well-known gurus so will be cheaper to target

Your retargeting campaign is EVERYTHING

As Facebook costs creep up – the cost to bring in a new lead will continue to rise. This means that you MUST do everything you can to convert that lead into a sale.

As a result – retargeting is going to become even more important over the coming months, ideally over multiple platforms as mentioned above.

Build your retargeting audiences NOW before costs rise and you will have thousands of people to target even when costs sky rocket in the coming months.

Do you Need Help Putting This in Place?

My team and I are offering a full Done For You service where we will implement ALL of this for you and manage it on a monthly basis. Packages start at just £599+VAT ($850) per month.

So if you’d like help making sure that YOU don’t fall foul of the recent and upcoming changes in Facebook – book in a call today.