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Last Updated on: 5th August 2022, 09:38 am

I’ve experienced it. And I hear it from my clients all the time.

They ask me – why does Facebook seem to be filled with CRAZY people?

And worse – why do they book in for a call with ME?

It’s enough to make you turn off your ads and want to give up completely, right?

Wrong… It’s time to UP your game on Facebook. The competition is hotting up.. time to get down to work!

Let’s look at what’s happening..

Are You Making Any Of These Mistakes on Facebook?

Here’s some of the common mistakes I see people make on Facebook that are leading to filling their calendar with either the wrong leads… or ZERO leads!

  • You’re bidding too low with your ads and aren’t spending enough – meaning Facebook is sending you the low quality prospects that sign up for anything they see (FREEBIE hunters). Facebook sends the best traffic to those who are willing to pay for it.
  • You’re engaging with the “freebie hunters” in your (or other people’s) Facebook groups and asking them to book in for calls. The best quality prospects are NOT hanging around on Facebook groups all day – they are too busy being successful (which is why they can afford your services if you target them correctly). This also goes for people that comment on your ads – just because they comment does NOT mean you need to ask them to book in for a call!
  • You don’t have a “funnel”, or your funnel is too short. A funnel doesn’t have to be complicated – it can just be a series of ads and emails that your prospect sees that takes the prospect through a series of steps. A single ad with a single piece of content is not enough – you need to carefully craft a series of pieces of content that creates highly qualified leads. Your ads need to grab the attention of the best qualified prospects – FAST – and then retarget them in MULTIPLE ways. We’re talking multiple touches – blogs, videos, webinars, videos that all demonstrate your expertise
  • Your content is poor quality and is putting prospects off. Facebook is being FILLED with poor quality content as more and more businesses jump on the Facebook bandwagon. It’s essential to create high quality RELEVANT content that talks directly to the prospect, helping them see how they can solve their issue with your help. Focus on bringing in the right prospect initially with your ads to cold traffic… then retarget them with amazing content

It’s Only Going To Get Worse, Not Better

Look – Facebook Ads are difficult to master. And they are getting more difficult by the day. If you haven’t already got a Facebook Funnel that’s delivering premium leads for your services – it’s going to get more difficult and more expensive every single day that you leave it.

Isn’t it time to get YOUR Funnel up and running, before it’s too late?

Use A Facebook Advertising System That Works

I have a system that works.

Let me show you EXACTLY how to create a Facebook Funnel that will showcase you as an expert, and deliver quality leads on autopilot for your business.

Let’s get on the phone and plan out:

  • Why your Facebook Ads haven’t yet brought you the success you seek
  • The best way to position yourself online
  • How Facebook Ads can help YOU achieve your business goals

Simply click here to book in your free planning session now.

At the end of the call, you’ll know exactly how to launch a Facebook Funnel that works. Once you’re confident of that, we can discuss ways I can help you get it up and running fast. We may decide to work together to launch your funnel – and if so great – if not then that’s cool too. You’ll still have a working plan.

So click here and book in your session now.

Best wishes

Claire Jarrett

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