Is it time to look at Google Ads for your coaching business?

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Last Updated on: 5th August 2022, 09:40 am

You’ve been running Facebook Ads successfully for a while now.

You’ve seen costs increasing steadily and now you’re paying double or even triple what you were paying for a lead this time last year.

Right now –  your business can handle it because you’ve got a profitable front end, but you’re getting concerned.

You’ve heard that Facebook Costs are going to continue to rise, and you’ve been looking for an answer…

Well maybe, you’ve just found it….

We thought Facebook held a lot of data on us?

Google holds even more.          

Google Analytics is on over 53% of websites across the globe (Source: W3Techs).. and as a result Google knows what we like to buy, consume… it even knows what we THINK.

Their shareholders didn’t like the market share that Facebook was grabbing on their advertising platform…. So they started pushing Google to use its data and its algorithms to develop something even better…

Right now – Google has been watching and learning from Facebook exactly how to use its data to predict human behaviour… and it learned how to turn its machine learning engines on.

It got REALLY good at predicting who would click, convert and then buy.

Meaning that now… finally… It’s time to move your advertising to Google.

Let’s look at some of the most important elements of Google that you may not be aware of….

You Can And Should Be Using All 4 Parts of Google

You can combine AdWords Search, YouTube, Gmail and the Display Network and access BILLIONS of impressions in your niche every single day. There’s a ton of traffic out there right now that absolutely no one is buying (well on purpose anyway – Google is very fond of putting newbies ads in crazy places!)

You CAN Send Google Traffic Direct To Your Opt-ins

Yep – we can send traffic straight to our webinars, ebooks, checklists… you name it, it can be made Google Compliant in a few simple steps and then advertised to build your email list.

Create Similar Audiences To Your Email Lists

We can now upload our email lists and create Similar Audiences… just like Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences. For those of you using Facebook Ads extensively – you’ll know that these audiences are precisely what you need for sustainable lead flow long-term

You Can Set Your Desired Conversion Amount

Gather enough data, then tell Google what you want to pay for a lead, and it will turn on its engines and go hunting for traffic that it knows is looking for your solution

You Can Follow Your Traffic Around Continually

Once tagged – you can follow your visitors around onto YouTube, into their Gmail account, across the web on the Display Network… in a series of remarketing sequences to build your credibility and establish trust fast

You’ll Need a Ton More Testing than on Facebook

It’s easy to set up Facebook Ads. It’s been ridiculously easy for me to teach Facebook Ads.

A Google campaign comprises a HUGE set up… over 100 different campaigns with different objectives, different locations, different lead magnets and different images. In every single one.

Non-stop testing, ad rules, and automation… get one thing wrong and your entire budget will be blown in a single day.

Yet get it right, and you’re looking at a machine that churns out leads day after day….

Yep –  It’s Easy To Fail At Google

If you’ve tried JUST Google AdWords, or just YouTube, or just Google Display… you probably failed.

If you tested this yourself… you probably failed.

If you went to an agency that specialised in AdWords Search… they probably failed.

Because what you need is an extremely detailed implementation plan… that takes what you already know about your audience and turns it into a huge carefully executed test across the Google network.

Look, you know that Google could and SHOULD be working for you, which is why you’re still reading this, right?

So if this is you, then we need to talk. Book in your call now and let’s discuss how we can get Google working FAST in your business.

Want to take the reins? If you’re ready to set up profitable campaigns and achieve rapid Google Ads success in 7 easy steps, get your copy of my best-selling Google Ads book!

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