Yes – it’s possible.

You can fail at 99% of your marketing and STILL make 6 or even 7 figures per year. Let me show you how.

Create A Great Piece of Marketing

To start with – you’re going to need a great piece of marketing, and ideally several pieces (but don’t worry about creating them all immediately, start with just one and then build from there!).

My favourite is an automated webinar – ideally originally delivered live, practiced thoroughly and then recorded – using a tool such as Camtasia and then uploaded into an automated webinar platform.

The ideal length of your automated webinar is anything from 30 mins to an hour (you can see several of mine here on the webinars page)

Main criteria are that the webinar gives away amazing content related to your area of expertise and has a strong call to action at the end to book in a call with you. People MUST see you as having the answers to their problems.

Advertise The Webinar Via Facebook Ads

Now you’re going to want to advertise this webinar pretty heavily – you’ll want anywhere from 10 to 100 signups per day into your automated webinar depending on your budget and how fast you want to get your funnel working,

I get signups into the automated webinar for anywhere from $2 to $8 per signup, my current average is around $5.

Next step is to very closely monitor the number of signups you receive, applications you receive, and then the number of clients you sign up on the telephone as a result. I would strongly suggest monitoring the data daily to start with and then weekly – you will eventually notice it falls into a regular pattern.

Now let’s run through an example

50 signups for your automated webinar

Results in 5 applications

You talk with all 5, disqualify 2 (as they aren’t ready to take action right now) and make offers to 3 prospects

1 new client signups

Let’s now look at the costs attached and more importantly – what you will make in return

50 signups @ $5 per registration = $250

Results in 5 applications = $50 per application

As outlined above, you talk with all 5, disqualify 2 and make offers to 3 prospects

1 new client signups out of the 3, who then invests $2500 to work with you

Return on Investment $250 —> $2500 = 10x your investment

And of course if you decide to charge $5000 as most of my clients rapidly move towards, it looks even better

Return on Investment $250 —> $5000 = 20x your investment

Just imagine that, for every $250 you invest in your marketing, you make 10x or 20x back? This IS possible, and in fact it’s never been easier!

99% of People On Your List Will NEVER Buy From You

What I see so often is frustration – what do I do with these hundreds of email addresses I have acquired? All these people liking my page, all these people downloading my content? Surely there is SOMETHING I need to be doing?

My answer to you – is nothing.

I know it’s hard. But in order to focus on the few who are ready to take action on changing their lives, will pay you what you’re worth, who are more fun to work with, who work harder, get better results and are the perfect client….you need to understand that 99% of your marketing is going to fail and most will never buy from you!

Focus instead on extracting the 1% out of your marketing who WILL pay you what you’re worth and that is the fastest way to a 6 figure monthly income.

It Takes Courage

This is a mindset shift for many – and advertising daily to build a large email list takes courage – especially when you can see hundreds of dollars or pounds disappearing from your account.

Just remember that you just need 1% – keep putting great content out there, keep inviting strategy sessions and the 1% will step forward to work with you AND pay you what you’re worth.

Thorough testing, great content, and carefully constructed ads WILL allow you to create a 6 figure per year income – but it takes courage and hard work.

Consider Getting Help

If you’d like help attracting clients who are ready to buy, plus learn how to create the Google and  Facebook marketing funnel to bring them in – I’m here to help,

Hire A Mentor

If you’d like to shortcut the learning process and discuss how you can get this process up and running in your business in just a couple of weeks – I’d love to help.

Simply Book In A Call and let’s chat.


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