Currently charging by the hour and want to finally get paid what you’re worth? Let me show you how!

Interview Your Best Clients

Go to your best clients and ask them:

  • Why did you choose to work with me?
  • What have we achieved working together?
  • What has been the end result of working together?

What you’re looking for is to find out where you move people from – and what you help them achieve. Keep digging until you get the answer – and if you’re not sure if you’ve nailed it click here to book in a call.

What you are looking for is the END RESULT that people achieve when they work with you.

Here are some examples of end results:

  1. Ensuring clients identify what they want from a relationship, are happy in their own skin, and are able to attract the perfect partner for them
  2. Working with clients to create a lead generation schedule and funnel that delivers high quality leads on a regular basis
  3. Ensuring clients have a clear business plan and strategy for their start up business that is easy to follow and gives them the maximum chance of success
  4. Helping clients to ensure they integrate their deepest values and purpose into their life on a daily basis

Create A Group Structure

Moving from hourly private coaching to group coaching is better for your clients – they are NOT paying to learn xyz over 50 or 100 hours from you – your clients are ONLY interested in getting to the end result you’ve identified. There is zero benefit for them in you creating a big list of tasks they must work through in order to get the result – the FASTER you can help them get there the better. Low hourly prices can actually harm the client – as it means they don’t take action on any work you set or new insights they identify.

Group coaching achieves their desired end result FASTER due to the immense power of working within a group format. A strong benefit for the client of coaching in a group format is the gentle push of peer pressure that ensures they get the work done each week, plus they will hear other client’s ask questions they hadn’t even though of asking! Your client is much less likely to use excuses or procrastinate about getting the work done each week – making a high investment ensures they stay on track and force themselves to focus.

Here’s what I suggest to my clients:

  • Kick off the program with a private call as soon as possible after they’ve signed up with you. Set them some homework to get moving on that fills in any gaps in their knowledge – for example I often ask clients to watch a few of my Facebook training videos to ensure they understand the basics of Power Editor before we start
  • Create a Facebook group or LinkedIn group for your group members to post their homework in, ask questions etc
  • Set a weekly homework task with a training session – this doesn’t have to be live. I have pre-recorded the training and deliver it weekly to my clients in the group. Make sure you set homework that keeps them on track towards creating the end result. Please note – you do NOT need to pre-record the entire program before you start. The first time I run it – I suggest you record the training each week.
  • Schedule in weekly group coaching calls where you will talk with each of your clients one after another, answering questions about the homework, offering accountability and coaching them towards the end result. I use GoToMeeting for this purpose, unmuting each client in turn.

That’s Great, But How Do I Fill My Groups?

Wondering where these leads are going to come from? That’s the easy bit, as it’s where my training comes in!  Remember that often you’ll be able to get some great leads from your existing network –  clients who have previously paid you $100 per hour will step up and pay you several thousand IF You put the offer together in the right way and have truly identified a great end result they want to achieve. Other posts you might want to check out are:

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Want Help?

If you need more help – simply attend the free 45 minute training here where I show you exactly how to get this up and running in your business


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