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Last Updated on: 5th August 2022, 09:33 am

Here’s the top 6 questions my prospects and clients ask me about how to create highly profitable online programs:

How Should I Price My Program?

Well you have a choice here  – you can either go down the low-priced route, selling it for £200 to £500. However this means you’ll struggle to make it profitable when sending paid traffic to it as it can easily cost this entire amount to bring in a sale!

Far better to price it higher – a minimum of £2k to £5k, in which case you’ll have far more advertising budget to play with in order to bring in leads PLUS You’ll only need a handful of sales to make a really decent income!

In order to make your program easier to sell at higher prices, consider making it a structured program that includes personal assistance from you at each step of the way. This is one of the areas I focus on with clients – ensuring they structure their program around creating a GREAT end result for their clients.

In addition make sure you look at longer term strategy and consider Lifetime Customer Value. Where else can you send clients following the program? Maybe you could plan out:

  1. VIP days
  2. Private coaching
  3. Masterminds
  4. Done For You services

The higher you can raise your Lifetime Customer Value the more you can afford to spend acquiring that customer.

What’s The Best Way To Launch My Program?

To launch your higher-priced program, the first thing you’ll need to do is set up an appointment scheduler and add in a form. Set up a scheduling link so people can book in appointments with you and then invite them onto calls. Here are a few ways to get your first few leads in (make sure you tell them how you can add value and then invite them to book in a call – do NOT just ask them if they fancy a chat!):

  1. LinkedIn messages
  2. Emailing your email list if you have one
  3. Facebook posts on your profile and your Facebook page
  4. Blogs
  5. Paid Ads must be your next step to bring in new leads, and is one of the biggest areas I focus on with clients. Facebook is currently working best, although Twitter & LinkedIn works to some degree as well.

What’s The Best Way To Make Sales Of My Program?

Once people are on the phone with you – you just simply need to find out where they need help in your area of expertise, show them how you can add value, and then tell them about the program you’re launching. At this end of the conversation give them some options for working with you – include payment plans if you want to make it easier for them to afford to say yes – and then take the first payment. To take payment over the phone you will need a credit card system in place that allows Cardholder Not Present transactions. My recommendation is Stripe – you can set it up online and be ready to go in 24 hours, and it pays out in 7 days.

NOTE:  I find many of my clients are nervous about selling on the telephone. You’ll get better with practice obviously – but remember that if a prospect has been exposed to your marketing – watching webinars, videos, reading blogs etc, they are already SOLD on the idea of you having the solution. It’s therefore nothing like a cold call – it’s a simple (and fun!) exploration of how you can help them achieve their goals with your help. You don’t need to prove yourself, as they already believe in you.

What Technical Skills Will I Require To Launch A Program?

You’ll need to use a form of paid traffic such as Facebook Ads to find and connect with your audience. You will also need a webinar program such as GoToWebinar if you’re planning on running live webinars. If you’re going to run automated webinars (meaning you can record it once using a tool such as Camtasia and then automate it to run 24/7), you’ll need a platform such as Evergreen Business System, Stealth Seminar or Clickfunnels.

You’ll also need a tool such as Leadpages to create landing pages – as it it these you will advertise using Facebook Ads.

What About The Skills I’ll Need To RUN The Actual Program?

I suggest you keep it super simple. Create a Facebook or LinkedIn group and add your new clients to it. Record videos each week using PowerPoint & Camtasia to help them achieve the desired end result, and set homework that gets them taking fast action. Upload the video to a video hosting platform such as Wistia then add the link to the group each week.

NOTE – there is no need to record all the training in advance of the launch and I strongly advise you not to do so, as you may find the clients who sign up need slightly different things than you imagined!

Each week during the program, run a group coaching call using Skype or GoToMeeting and speak with each member in turn.

Ask the group to post their homework in the group each week and use this to ensure they stay on track.

I’m Worried Only 1 or 2 People Will Join My Program – What Should I Do?

If you are worried about this happening – maybe because you’ve got no list or because you’re fairly new to coaching or consulting – you can use these techniques to start off to bring in one on one coaching clients to your program.

Instead you can email out the week’s training, and include a link for them to book in a private coaching session. I’ve helped clients launch programs either as group programs – and also bring in private clients instead using this same method.

Need Help?

I’ve laid this entire plan out in a 45 minute webinar training for you. Simply click here to book and attend.

In the meantime – good luck with your online program launch!

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