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Last Updated on: 5th August 2022, 09:34 am

So you want to know how to work with premium clients?

Those who pay what you’re worth, love what you do, implement what you teach and ACTUALLY get results?

Great, let me show you the best way to find more of them!

Step 1 – Set Expectations And Value Your Time

If you let prospects see you as available 24/7 to chat to whenever they choose, they will presume you don’t value your time. That means they will attempt to “pick your brains”, pay you low rates, ask you for “mates-rates” and generally disrespect your time. The best way to ensure people value your time is to start off by VALUING YOUR OWN TIME!

Let no one have any of your time unless they schedule in a call first, and ideally ask them to fill in a form in order to book the call. This will qualify the call, create an agenda, and show them that you value your time seriously.

Divert your mobile to a call answering service, get an office number and get it picked up 24/7 by the service, and NEVER answer your own phone. Consider even adding an admin@ email address to filter out the calls, and reply from this email address asking people to book in for calls. A little sneaky I know, but ESSENTIAL when you’re first taking these steps!

Step 2 – Stop Advertising Cheap Workshops

Are you currently running cheap workshops?  Are you currently promoting yourself all over social media and asking prospects to buy tickets at £10 each?

Or maybe you have a 2 day course that people can book to attend at £75 or £175?


You’ve just been “price-marked”.

Your prospects now believe it’s possible to get your expertise as a very low price – so is it any wonder you’re struggling to convert them to a premium package when you talk with prospects who have seen this marketing?

When I started charging premium prices back in 2013 – I stopped offering any type of low-cost Google Ads training except via online courses, programs and membership sites, where I have seriously leveraged my time.

In addition, the LESS I networked at places like BNI, 4N etc – the MORE MONEY I made.

Instead I focused on building an online presence, an online brand – and became appointment only in my marketing.

This has been one of the biggest factors in being able to consistently sell hundreds of clients into premium programs over the last 3 years.

Step 3 – Build Your Online Presence

Now it’s time to focus on list building, and building an online presence FAST.  Here’s the plan I share with my clients:

  1. Create multiple forms of marketing – for example a webinar, a blog, a checklist, a video. All forms of marketing MUST give away really great content. This won’t work if your content is boring, uninteresting, or stuff they’ve seen before. Make sure you share all the things your clients tell you – “WOW – I never saw it that way” about, and this way your new prospects will rapidly grow to love you and want to work with you!
  2. Advertise the marketing pieces simultaneously via Facebook Ads to bring in new leads
  3. Retarget your new leads with the various forms of marketing so once they have downloaded one form of marketing, they will see the other pieces in quick succession. Ideally also craft email sequences to ensure they see as many as possible
  4. In each piece of marketing, ask them to book in a call.
  5. Send out emails asking them to book in a call.
  6. Continue to add new pieces of marketing over time – no one said this was easy! I have some prospects that have attended 4 webinars, read 13 blog posts and downloaded 3 lead magnets before they eventually book in a call. This is balanced out by the fact that some prospects see one webinar, one blog, one email and then book in a call. What you’re aiming for is TRUST. Trust that they know you offer the solution to their problem.

Follow these 3 steps above consistently and here’s what will happen – your prospects will understand your time is valuable, they will believe YOU have the answer to their problem and you will be seen as the solution. Before long, your calendar will become fully booked with premium prospects!

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