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If you’ve been thinking of launching an online program…

STOP and read this FIRST!

1) If you weren’t already thinking about charging upwards of $3,000 for your program, you MUST do so.

Here’s why..

The minute a client invests in a high priced program, they are investing in THEMSELVES.

With programs costing $100, $200 or even $1000 – this is information they can leave sat on the bookshelf or their email inbox.

As soon as a client invests several thousand dollars in a program – they get the work done.

They get the homework done each week.

They get the result.

They don’t come up with excuses.

What would YOU prefer… a handful of committed clients all paying several thousand dollars or dozens investing small amounts who DON’T get the result as they aren’t serious about the end result?

2) People pay for the END RESULT. A high priced coaching program needs to deliver a transformation. It’s all about the end result, and it should NEVER be about a salespage with a list of topics that people learn. Your prospects do not CARE what the topics are, or what they learn, they care only if you can get them to the end result.

3) A typical conversion rate for your marketing is 5%. Would you rather have 5% of people converting into a $100 program, or 5% of people converting into a higher priced program that gets SERIOUS results? If you’re going to launch the program, why not launch it a higher price and get amazing results for your clients?

4) If you’re wondering how this will work in practice, group coaching works like this…

A live video delivered to your clients once per week that sets homework and helps move them towards the end result. There is zero need to record the entire course first before you start – simply record that week’s training and upload into a private Facebook or LinkedIn group for your clients. The group is also a great place to get clients putting their homework for “marking” and also accountability check-ins!

Secondly, a group coaching call each week keeps people moving towards the end result, ensures accountability, stops people making excuses, and ensures the group benefits from moving together as one. The group format is EXTREMELY powerful and gets faster, better results than private coaching when executed this way.

5) When launching your program, it’s not about salespages or fancy logos and branding. It’s about getting on the phone with people and HELPING THEM.  Simply make sure you get on the phone with qualified leads (by directing your marketing into an appointment system of some sort), make sure you help them plan out how to get to the end result, then offer them the solution.

A typical conversion rate of 1 in 3 means that if you got on the phone with just 6 qualified leads per week you’d make 2 sales per week, 8 sales per month.

If you started off offering your program at $3k (many of my clients start here, before eventually moving to $6k or $8k within a few weeks) then you would be making 8 x $3k = $24k per month.

6) Let’s look at your time allocation – 6 sales calls, 1 hour each makes 6 hours per week. To record the training video for that week let’s allocate 2 hours, and to run the coaching call let’s presume 2 hours.

10 hours per week…for $24k upwards per month? I don’t know about you, but I find this an AMAZING way to run a business!

7) Have an upgrade available… Many of your clients are going to want to carry on working with you.. so have your next steps planned out. This might be a year long Mastermind, private coaching, VIP days or retreats. The best time to offer this is near the end of the program when they’ve experienced amazing results and want to carry on experiencing this rate of progress!

8) It’s all about how you position yourself and your time… If you want leads to book in with you that are positioned to buy on the first call.. It’s important to ensure you position yourself correctly.

– Appointment only

– Show in your marketing that YOU have the answers

– Include plenty of relevant testimonials

So what happens next? Hey?

Some of you will read this and INTEND to take action or wish you knew HOW.

Some of you will read this and try half-heartedly to implement some of these strategies without any guidance… then wonder why it fails.

Some of you will let your fear of selling higher priced services STOP YOU in you tracks..

If this is YOU

Then I’m here for you.

Start by watching the free training here, where I show you precisely how to get this up and running in YOUR business

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