So your sales are slow, whose fault is that?


As a business owner, YOU are responsible for marketing your business day in day out so the sales come in.

If things are slow – it’s because you weren’t doing the day to day marketing activities that are needed in your business to bring in the sales leads.

I’m going to share with you some daily marketing activities that you can do right now to get leads in – but what I want you to do right now is take out your diary and make these activities a MUST in your business. If you do that – you won’t suffer a slow period ever again!

So here are my suggestions:

  1. To start with you’re going to need ways to fill the top of your pipeline – collecting new email addresses by offering an ethical bribe. If you aren’t filling this up on a daily basis – the leads will not have been nurtured and be there when you need them. You can see one of ours at the top of my website, and several others on the webinars page. Videos and webinars work best, but you can also create guides and checklists too. Leadpages makes this super-easy to put in place by allowing you to create an opt-in page and then syncing with your email system. The optin at the top of the page was created using Leadpages as a Leadlink.
  2. Now we need to figure out how to fill our funnel and get people opting in. Here’s some of the ways to do that:
    • Twitter – schedule Tweets a couple of times per day that offer your bribe
    • LinkedIn – include a link to your optin in your profile PLUS update LinkedIn pulse regularly with blogs and include a link to your bribe at the end of the pulse update
    • Blogs – Same as with LinkedIn pulse, create a great blog sharing amazing content and then put your link at the end
    • Triberr – to get more people viewing your Tweets and blogs – signup for the free blog sharing platform Triberr, join relevant tribes and they will start sharing yours. Also consider starting your own Tribe about your subject and inviting Tribemates to join (Here’s my Tribe – do come and say hi, and request to join if you’re a Digital Marketer!)
    • Ads – moving on from free ways to fill your funnel, now it’s time to look at the fastest way to scale a business, Paid Ads. Facebook Ads are working best for me, you might want to consider LinkedIn ads or Twitter Ads or even Google Ads depending on your niche. I have plenty of other posts detailing Facebook Ads as well as a webinar here you can watch that shows you exactly what’s working right now in Facebook
  3. Autoresponders – okay so now your funnel is being filled with leads. It’s time to nurture those leads by setting up an autoresponder – a series of emails that offers value and encourages them to take action. Depending on what you sell – this might be sending them to a free trial page, a buy page, or asking them to book in a consultation. It’s a great idea to add in more content as well, for example adding in more videos or webinars etc that they might be interested in.

Make daily marketing activities a MUST. Here’s what is in my calendar (NOTE: this typically takes me less than 45 mins per day)

  • Schedule Tweets from Triberr
  • Follow back all new followers, and those who liked or Retweeted my posts
  • Update LinkedIn – either with a new blog on Pulse or updating my status (I re-use past blogs as Pulse updates, I do not write new content)
  • Manage my Facebook Ads and ensure I am bringing in 1200 new email addresses per month
  • Check my Facebook Page daily and read through all comments, notifications, and respond to messages
  • Check my Facebook Profile daily and respond to all message
  • Check my Facebook Groups for clients daily and respond to all comments and updates
  • Reach out to 7 past prospects per week on Facebook and check-in
  • Reach out to 7 past clients per week on Facebook and check-in
  • New blog to go out once per week minimum
  • Email my list twice per week minimum
  • Monthly – create a new webinar or video
  • Monthly – plan out a new product, course or program to launch and then launch it (I don’t spend too much time planning as this causes me to procrastinate – I choose to plan briefly, sell it, then deliver it live)

Now it’s time for YOU to go and create your marketing calendar. What are you going to COMMIT  to doing on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to skyrocket your sales? If you want more help, also check out these recommendations for Social Media daily marketing activities

Want Help With Your Daily Marketing Activities ?

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