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Last Updated on: 5th August 2022, 09:41 am

You set some ads live and BOOM – in come the leads.

Excited – you (or your team) get on the phone with them…

Then call after call goes badly.

Maybe the prospect doesn’t show.

Or asks you to reschedule.

Or asks you to remind them who you are again….

…You blame yourself.

After all – aren’t we being told that the average close rate on a Strategy Session should be 1 in 3, 1 in 4 or at worst 1 in 5?

It must be your fault.

You’re obviously useless at sales.

Your morale sinks.

Maybe you blame Facebook or Google instead.

“They’re clearly full of time wasters” – you think.

Your advertising budget is rapidly depleted – and in desperation you send out emails, run Facebook lives and “hustle” to bring in leads.

Except it just results in more of the same.

More leads, that don’t want to buy.

Before long – you’ve turned your ads off, made the decision that this form of advertising doesn’t work for you – and you go back to bringing in business just like you’ve always done.

Except now your dream of growing your business has disappeared, as you have no reliable way of growing your business…

Back to the hustle of networking, posting in Facebook Groups, or spamming people on LinkedIn.

It’s wake up time.

It’s time to wake up to The Danger of Unqualified Leads

Unqualified leads are:

  • Stealing your time..
  • Stealing your money.. (both your advertising budget AND the sales you should be making!)
  • Making you drop your prices and believe you’re worth less
  • Destroying your morale and your self-belief
  • Preventing YOU from fulfilling your goals and dreams

The REAL Problem?

You’re talking to the lead TOO SOON

When a prospect has just heard of you – they don’t yet trust you.

If you ask them to book onto a single webinar, or watch a single video – and then book in immediately for a call with you… you’re DESTROYING your pipeline of potential leads.

You’re asking them to make a decision too soon – when they’ve only just identified the problem and realised you have a potential solution.

They don’t yet trust you… so they are highly unlikely to buy from you immediately.

Sales coaches may disagree… and want to teach you techniques to “strong-arm” people into buying… offering discounts to purchase immediately, tapping deeply into their emotions or other techniques prevalent in the market today.

And so what happens if you DO manage to sell them in immediately as a result?

You have a client that wasn’t really ready to join you yet. That felt compelled to do so and now resents you for pushing them.

They don’t get the best results as they don’t fully trust you and they CERTAINLY don’t hang around for long.

Before long… you have a business that doesn’t delight you.. as it’s full of clients who should not be there and who are not your biggest advocates.

So what’s the Solution?

Simply… to qualify your leads better.

Ensure they TRULY know who you are and what you offer, before you get on the phone with them.

In practice – this means something like this:

  • Ensuring you have a crystal clear brand and offering. How do you help people? What villain do you help them to fight? (take a look at the book Building a Story Brand for becoming clear on this)
  • Build out multiple “touch” points so that prospects are exposed to your brand continuously. For example;
    • Short Video ad on YouTube / Facebook
    • Automated Webinar(s)
    • Blogs addressing common problems
    • Case studies detailing how your clients overcame issues your prospects will also have
    • Email sequences and broadcasts
  • Ensure that each of your touch points addresses some way you can help them solve their problem

What Happens As A Result?

When we build out a funnel that ensures leads are repeatedly exposed to our message and truly understand our core values… our prospects feel that they know, like and trust us.

They’re more likely to book calls and be “pre-sold”… having already made the decision they want to buy.

They’ll pay more… as they know you have the solution they are seeking.

They’ll hang around longer… remaining a client for many months or years.

They’ll refer us and talk about us, and be a true advocate for our brand.

So – Do You Want Qualified Leads?

So… If you know you would like my personal help bringing in the qualified leads you’re looking for, I’d love to help.

Simply book in for a call now and let’s plan out what this looks like in YOUR business.

We’ll talk through:

  • Your current lead situation
  • What assets you already have and which you’ll need to create (videos, webinars blogs etc)
  • How we can build you a funnel that creates Qualified Leads

Simply click here to book in for a call now.

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