Are You Using Google Ads To Pre-Qualify Your Leads?

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Last Updated on: 7th October 2023, 06:21 pm

Google Ads – (formerly known as AdWords) has got even better.

It’s still THE best place to go for leads that are hunting for an immediate solution to a problem – yet it’s also rapidly becoming known as a great place to prequalify and warm your leads up.

Let’s take a look at how YOU can start to do that today:

Step One – Add Your Retargeting Pixel

For the example given, we’re going to presume you’re already bringing in cold traffic from somewhere.  That could be Facebook, SEO, or similar. If you don’t have any traffic yet, then you’ll need to consider that as an additional step too.

Do you have retargeting pixels already on your website for Facebook? Great. Have you added Google yet? Many of you haven’t. This means you’re missing out on being able to follow your past visitors around the web. Start NOW by adding your retargeting pixel to your website. It only takes a few minutes, yet you cannot target past visitors – it makes sense to get it on there today.

Step Two – Set Up A Basic Image Retargeting Campaign

The next step is to set up a basic image retargeting campaign. A simple $1 to $5 per day budget will be enough to start with, depending on your market. For this step you’ll be making use of the Google Display Network – a network of websites across the web that display Google’s banner ads.

You’ll want to start with just a couple of basic sizes to begin with, 350 x 200 and 150 x 150. You can get these from Fiverr or Upwork cheaply.

Make sure you send them back to a landing page that makes sense – so asking them to book in for an appointment or reminding them about your product. (Ideally you’d add in conversion tracking at this step too to make sure you know where your leads come from. Google can also track if they converted elsewhere but saw this ad at some stage in your funnel)

The aim with this step is simply to remain top of mind for your prospect – they visited once, so keep reminding them about your brand and ask them to come back and buy.

We can run just this step for a week or even a couple of months, however for best results you’ll want to move onto the next step…

Step Three – Use Google Display Ads To Create Highly Qualified Leads

Our next step is to get more strategic with our Google Ads.

Let’s presume that the cold traffic we’ve got coming in needs a little more persuasion to become a lead. They don’t know how we can solve their problem yet, or perhaps they aren’t convinced we truly understand their pain.

You’ll need to set up a piece of marketing that overcomes this – it could be a blog, or a lead magnet such as guide or a webinar. Create a landing page for it and then order some images to match from a designer in a few common sizes.

Advertise this to your audience, again you’ll only need a small daily budget.

You’ll now want to repeat this on an ongoing basis, ideally creating multiple touches in your funnel to move browsers towards becoming buyers.

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