How Do You Know If Google Ads Will Work For Your Business?

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Last Updated on: 22nd January 2024, 06:41 pm

I’m asked this regularly– will Google Ads work for my particular business? How can I tell whether it will or won’t work?

So in today’s post, here is how you can establish if Google Ads will work for you…

Your clients search for what you offer on Google

Can you think of a handful of ways in which people would search for what you offer? For example – a London-based kitchen fitting company might use keywords such as “Kitchens Fitters London” and “Kitchen Fitters Near Me”. You might also want to narrow down even further with keywords such as “Kitchen Fitters Near Soho”.

If you aren’t sure, try surveying a group of your friends – what would they search for in Google if they wanted to find someone offering what you sell?

A well set up Google Ads Account will have dozens of keywords, targeting prospects in different ways based on what they have searched for.

Google Ads works best for businesses where you can immediately think of keywords your prospects might use

You have a website you can send traffic to, plus the ability to create “landing pages”

Probably sounds quite obvious – but I have seen people trying to send traffic to Facebook pages or even their local Google Places listings.

A huge advantage of Google Ads is the ability of a small or brand new business to compete immediately with “the big guys” – businesses that have been established for many years.

Therefore to compete effectively on Google, you need to be able to create “landing pages” – which are new pages on your website that match the keyword phrases you are using. So in the example above, you would want a new page set up that talks about being a kitchen fitter near Soho, and the fact you cover the Soho area.

This will also ensure you get a high Quality Score – which is a score out of 10 all your keywords possess, which signify to Google how well your keywords match what people are searching for. Get a high score and your cost will drop dramatically – try and send everyone to the homepage and you will get a low score and higher cost as a result.

Google Ads works best for businesses who are willing to create new targeted landing pages to bring in leads

Your Profit Margin can sustain paying for leads

If you cannot afford to advertise – you don’t really have a business. And if you cannot afford to pay for Google Ads (even on a budget), then it will be very difficult to grow long term. Free methods of advertising can only get your business so far. So consider raising your prices, adding in new services or using other ways of increasing your profit levels to ensure you can afford to advertise.

Work out how much you make per new client. How much is one worth to you?

In our kitchen fitting example, a qualified lead might cost around £50. If you typically convert 1 in 2 leads then this means a new customer costs £100. Yet if it worth an average of £3500, where the average profit per job is £1500 then this is a huge return!

Google Ads works best for businesses that know or can estimate their expected level of return from a new client, and can afford to gain new clients.

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  1. This was helpful in highlighting that creating more specific, campaign relevant landing pages is likely to cost more that trying to point everyone at your home page

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